Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{WiP} Wednesday ~21/52


I sewed something!!  It's the Bouncy Flouncy dress designed by Ramona Rose! :)

Flouncing happily. THANK YOU @ramonarose, for this fabulous and idiot-proof pattern! (She calls it a "pink rainbow") #Iamtheidiot #bouncyflouncydress #ABeautifulMess

(I also bought the Beatiful Mess app. You did, too, didn't you? :) )

Life has been superdy-superdy crazy around here!!

On May 9th, I picked up a very special guest, Latifah Saafir, for a lecture/workshop combination. 

I made this Huckleberry Quilt at the workshop. :). I'm in the lower right corner, and I think I'm going to call it my "kindergarten quilt" because of the prints ("Recess" by American Jane) and because the technique to piece in the circles involves the classic kindergarten lesson of cut-and-paste. :-)

(Here is a picture of all of us. I think 11 of the 13 people at the workshop finished their quilt tops at the end of the class. phenomenal!  Latifah is SUCH a great instructor!)

Can you see us? Most finished and some got really close. Feels SO good!!  Thanks, Latifah!! @thequiltengineer #huckleberryquilt @audreypawdrey @jgcf @anutscrap @chelsea_kovach

I love it and already have plans and fabric for a second! :)

I haven't quilted since before Latifah was here, though, so this is still a WiP. :-/

Mod Mosaic, Short Depth of Field

But I made that ROCKIN' Bouncy Flouncy dress by Ramona Rose (pattern is HERE on Craftsy). If I can make it, ANYONE can! (I put the idiot in "idiot-proof" and her pattern is very idiot-proof!)

Love love love.

And there's loads more going on, too. 

We have had two girlie birthdays, one big party, one preschool concert, a couple of grown-up get-togethers, and we are making Project Life albums for each of my daughter's teachers as an end-of-year gift from all the students. That and a box of tissues. :-)  I was actually getting misty-eyed today because I am going to miss these teachers, and then I realized DUH, I've got two more kids to go through that preschool with those teachers! I've got 4 more years! There ain't no missing them! :)

So, that's that. That's what I've been up to. TOO doggone MUCH!!  And more to do, still.  Have a great and crafty week!

I'm linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday with Janice at Better Off Thread, who also made a BouncyFlouncy dress.

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