Monday, March 29, 2010

Seeing Red

Not that I DESERVE one, but I've been coveting an Epiphanie! camera bag since I first saw one on someone's blog (can't remember who).  If I came across enough spare coinage, I might splurge and buy one. But for now, I just covet.

See, they are LOVELY, and BEAUTIFUL, and NOT AT ALL camera bag-like. (you'll have to click on the link to see a picture). The designer, Maile Wilson, is a professional photographer who would take her camera and "traditional" camera bag to photo shoots, but very rarely with her on personal outings, resulting in a shameful few family photos. She just hated carrying her camera bag! Feeling guilty about so few personal pictures, she started looking around, but just couldn't find a bag that would protect her camera while still looking like a hot handbag.

So she set about to design her own. Three bags (and a few in the hopper) later, and they are hotter than the tarmac at Hartsfield in August!

As I said above, I don't deserve one of these lovely bags -- I barely ever take my camera off Auto, for Pete's sake! 


Beyond Snapshots is having a contest and giving away one Lola Epiphanie bag. It's the red one. That looks so soft. And supple. And fashionable. And hip. And trendy. Mmmmm.....yummmy....

The contest is to post a photo that represents "red" to me.  Well, I do love red. I enjoy red. I would like to decorate certain rooms in my house with red. (someday).

But for now, whenever I think of "red" I think of THIS shade of red:

The contest runs through April 2nd, with the winner announced April 3rd. And while I would SO totally love to win the bag for myself (thus, hesitating to tell you all about the contest, lest you win instead of me!), I decided to be a good girl and tell you about it, so you can hurry up and enter, too, and maybe someone I know will win the bag! Which would be almost as stupendous as winning it for myself. :o)

What's "red" to you?

Friday, March 5, 2010

'Fess Up Fridays - Beat The Babies (Wk 9)

Two more blocks done.
Mookie fixing the block...milliseconds before she wadded it up again. :o)

AND...I went to the LA Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Monday night. WHAT A TREAT!!!

On a side note, I saw a picture of myself on their website... I think I hear Stacy and Clinton coming up the walk to hand me my tail on a platter because I am clearly a candidate for the next episode of 'What Not To Wear'...and if there was a show called 'What Not To Do With Your Hair' I'm sure I'd be on that one, too. I need to put down the quilt blocks and hurry myself down to the nearest salon and have them work some magic!

Wait. Three blocks done. I forgot about the one I made yesterday.

Back to the MQG. The meeting was really inspirational, and motivating, and intimidating, and fun. :o)  I've decided to join a virtual quilting bee (I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds fun!). And we're/they're making a quilt for a raffle for a fundraiser, and I volunteered to make a quilt block for that, too. I think I can do one block for them! If they wanted volunteers to make whole quilts, I'd be slithering out the back door quick-like, but a block? I think I can do that. :o)

Sadly, I'm not sure I'll be able to go to too many more meetings. Dave has an incredibly important meeting the day after each monthly meeting, so he has to work late. And the MQG meetings are WAY up in LA, and I have to leave before Mookie goes to bed and I'm not sure who would take care of her and put her to bed, etc. :-( 

Being a mama is all about sacrifices.

Speaking of being a mama...we had another ultrasound this week, and the conversation was all about the alien. It pretty much shadowed every possible good picture of Sprout's little face. :-(  Mean alien.
I think that's a hand over there on the left of the shadow. And I think that's her little head on the right. Who knows. Well, the doctor knows. That's why we go to him...because he knows! :o) 

And speaking of babies, Angela is still gestating her little one. So I've still got more time to finish the quilt! (Yeah, right! Hallucinate much, Mama?)

Oh, speaking of the QUILT...the whole point of this series...I am definitely enjoying making it. I am definitely loving the process (and I am generally NOT a lover-of-the-process, NOT a lover-of-the-journey...I'm an end-result girl).  But this is fun! Really! There's no tedium, no boredom, no routine, no predictability...each block is purposely different from the rest, and we (the quilt and me) are just meandering our way to the finish line. Unfortunately, I do feel that it's important to complete the quilt, you know, eventually, so we can't meander too much! :o)

I hope you all have a great, productive, sunshiney weekend!