Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going Random

I was very deliberate when I was making Alison's first Liberated Wedding Ring block, but for the second? I'm going random. Improv at it's best. I hope it turns out because strip piecing doesn't leave much room for error. I've learned that the hard way. :-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emerging from The Deep

...I think.

I'm slowly spending more and more time with needle and thread -- whether it's at my machine, or hand stitching something. I can only spend about 10 minutes at a time, but at least I'm getting my fix. :o)

Here is a sweet little project I made for a friend's new baby. I'm also going to make a rocket (his dad is a rocket scientist, too), and maybe one with a Fourth of July theme. The package of 5 solid color onesies came from Target, and I'm just using scrap fabric. It's a SHORT and SWEET present to go along with the requisite diapers and wipes I'll be gifting. :o)

And here is the tutorial for that:

(ETA: Here's a picture of the rocket ship onesie)

I finally finished a couple of blocks for my Bee Happy virtual quilting bee. Yay me! I finished Leslie's April blocks. In JUNE. Nice of me to be so prompt, eh? I did ask, and she gave me a bit of grace, seeings how I just had a baby. :o)

Now I've got to get on with making Alison's (scary-hard) May blocks. And Blossom's June blocks. And then, very soon, Lori will give us the fabric for our July blocks...sigh. And there is also a little birthday present I'm working on for Kelly.  Plus, I would like to find the motivation to finish the baby quilt for my best friend...who probably doesn't feel much like my best friend these days :o)

I guess I'll just eat this elephant one bite at a time, and try not to add too many more projects to my to-do list! I am enjoying the process, and enjoying the work, and enjoying what I'm learning...I just wish I could do it more. :o)

Hope you have a great, and crafty, week!