Monday, March 29, 2010

Seeing Red

Not that I DESERVE one, but I've been coveting an Epiphanie! camera bag since I first saw one on someone's blog (can't remember who).  If I came across enough spare coinage, I might splurge and buy one. But for now, I just covet.

See, they are LOVELY, and BEAUTIFUL, and NOT AT ALL camera bag-like. (you'll have to click on the link to see a picture). The designer, Maile Wilson, is a professional photographer who would take her camera and "traditional" camera bag to photo shoots, but very rarely with her on personal outings, resulting in a shameful few family photos. She just hated carrying her camera bag! Feeling guilty about so few personal pictures, she started looking around, but just couldn't find a bag that would protect her camera while still looking like a hot handbag.

So she set about to design her own. Three bags (and a few in the hopper) later, and they are hotter than the tarmac at Hartsfield in August!

As I said above, I don't deserve one of these lovely bags -- I barely ever take my camera off Auto, for Pete's sake! 


Beyond Snapshots is having a contest and giving away one Lola Epiphanie bag. It's the red one. That looks so soft. And supple. And fashionable. And hip. And trendy. Mmmmm.....yummmy....

The contest is to post a photo that represents "red" to me.  Well, I do love red. I enjoy red. I would like to decorate certain rooms in my house with red. (someday).

But for now, whenever I think of "red" I think of THIS shade of red:

The contest runs through April 2nd, with the winner announced April 3rd. And while I would SO totally love to win the bag for myself (thus, hesitating to tell you all about the contest, lest you win instead of me!), I decided to be a good girl and tell you about it, so you can hurry up and enter, too, and maybe someone I know will win the bag! Which would be almost as stupendous as winning it for myself. :o)

What's "red" to you?

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