Monday, May 10, 2010

Birth by iPhone - 9:00 update

As is my natural way of birthing babies, apparently, once I start, things progress fairly quickly (no baby, yet, though, don't worry!!).

What I meant by that was that I went from 1 cm to 5 cm in about 30 minutes, and I. WAS. FEELING. IT!! Through the epidural.  YOUCHIE!!!

I told the nurse, and we gave me one top-up shot, which offered no relief to my abdomen, then another 30 minutes later. Still no relief to my abdomen. I mean, really. What good is it if my toes are numb? They aren't birthing anything!! 

So she called the anesthesiologist back, and he came up and gave me a bolus/extra B-I-G shot, and all is well again. :o)

I will say, though, that Birth Day blogging isn't as easy as some women make it out to be! I like to type sitting up, using both hands. :o)  But, I'm certainly glad we have wireless in the room and I can blog regardless!

Dave has been chilling out, even napping a bit, and is now playing a trivia game. :o) Good to know he is enjoying himself!!

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