Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emerging from The Deep

...I think.

I'm slowly spending more and more time with needle and thread -- whether it's at my machine, or hand stitching something. I can only spend about 10 minutes at a time, but at least I'm getting my fix. :o)

Here is a sweet little project I made for a friend's new baby. I'm also going to make a rocket (his dad is a rocket scientist, too), and maybe one with a Fourth of July theme. The package of 5 solid color onesies came from Target, and I'm just using scrap fabric. It's a SHORT and SWEET present to go along with the requisite diapers and wipes I'll be gifting. :o)

And here is the tutorial for that:

(ETA: Here's a picture of the rocket ship onesie)

I finally finished a couple of blocks for my Bee Happy virtual quilting bee. Yay me! I finished Leslie's April blocks. In JUNE. Nice of me to be so prompt, eh? I did ask, and she gave me a bit of grace, seeings how I just had a baby. :o)

Now I've got to get on with making Alison's (scary-hard) May blocks. And Blossom's June blocks. And then, very soon, Lori will give us the fabric for our July blocks...sigh. And there is also a little birthday present I'm working on for Kelly.  Plus, I would like to find the motivation to finish the baby quilt for my best friend...who probably doesn't feel much like my best friend these days :o)

I guess I'll just eat this elephant one bite at a time, and try not to add too many more projects to my to-do list! I am enjoying the process, and enjoying the work, and enjoying what I'm learning...I just wish I could do it more. :o)

Hope you have a great, and crafty, week!


  1. I'm still working on Mother's day present for both my mom and my mother in law, if that makes you feel any better!

  2. Love the onesie - - made the same onesie from the same tutorial for Christmas presents this year! Great minds think alike as they say.

    Now my birthday was a few weeks ago, butI'll forgive you if your beautiful, handmade present for me is a little late....hint, hint...;) (just kidding:)

  3. Oh, and I love the Rocket ship!! Grant will be having a rocket ship birthday next year (yes, I've already decided...) and I want to make a shirt for him like this.

    You do cute stuff as always!


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