Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tea Time Mug Rug

August seemed to be the "scrap buster" month around the blogosphere. I read post after post after post about how people were busting their scraps. Somewhere along the way, I hatched a scrap buster idea of my own.

I emailed Alissa of Handmade by Alissa, and suggested a Scrap Swap for the September LA Modern Quilt Guild meeting. The idea was that anyone wanting to participate would put some scraps (2x2" or larger) into a sandwich sized ziploc baggie, and wrap the baggie so we could have a blind swap. And then, the person who got our baggie would take it home, add one fabric of their own and make something fabulous to give back to us! Don't like red and aqua? No problem, it's not for you. You got a bag of pink scraps and you have no pink decor in your house? No problem, it's not for you! :o)  See how fab that is?

Oh, honestly, I didn't even know how great it was going to be! Didn't. Even. Know.

So I got Melissa P's fabrics, and she gave me 4 different "sets", if you will. I had grandiose plans. But alas, babies and moves and other obligations got in the way, and I was only able to complete one project. One that I loved making for her, and I'm super excited to make more, but only one.

It is: The Mug Rug.

Here it is in action, even! She took it to work and it found a happy home snuggled up with a matching mug. :o)

The "mug rug" is supposed to be a little piece of quilty, handmade heaven on your desk or table, large enough for a cuppa and a cookie. Mine was 9x6, but I think I'll make future ones larger. Maybe 10x7.

Oh, right. Back to the swap. So she gave me the aqua and orange fabrics, and I added the Kona Ivory. All the binding was from her scraps, too.

Here's the back. You can see my machine stitching and my hand stitching.
Scrap Swap MR - MP Mug Rug 2

So, we got the scraps at the September LAMQG meeting, and brought back our finished projects to the October LAMQG meeting, which also happened to be the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!  Which would have been tons of fun anyways, but I really think the fun and the commaraderie and the family-feel was heightened by the fact that those of us who participated got to give and receive gifts! Presents are very important at anniversary parties, right? :o)  Honestly. I wish I could go back and record the entire thing because there were squeals of delight, and there were hugs, and there were "oh my goodness"es and there was just a HUGE SHOW of amazing creativity. When I cooked up the idea, I had NO IDEA how fabulous everyone's creations would be! We had pillows, pillow covers, mini quilts, table runners, aprons, oven mitts, stuffed animals, shopping bags, (What else? I've forgotten what else we had!). What an amazing group of people we have here. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I'm standing among giants in that room.

From my scraps, I got to bring home an little quilt for Sprout that is awe to the SOME!! from Eliza. It's got the colors of the rainbow in it, and soft, snuggly minkee on the back. Sprout was so excited she promptly spit up on it. Of course. I'll post a picture next week, I hope! :o)

Sprout also received an award for perfect attendance...she's the only member that has been to every meeting since she was born. :o) The guild members all love her, and she loves them. (And so do I! Very much so do I!)

I hope you have a great week!


  1. I love the name! I am a sucker for rhymes...

  2. Oh my goodness. Love that rug. Want it in that exact pattern and exact colors. Now I need to find out if you used a special pattern or just did it all on your own - if it's the latter...then I'm really mad at your utter creativity.

    Hope you are doing well there in CO!


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