Saturday, January 8, 2011

Single Girl and a Baby

Miss Pee-Pie let me sew for OVER an HOUR the other day. Can you believe it? I can't!! She was totally content to just sit up and chew on the package of D-rings, rattle them around, drop them, cry for me to give them back to her, then chew on them some more...

(She's getting SO big! And just really becoming so much fun.She'll be 8 months old on Monday - I can't believe it either!)

I was working on piecing curves for Denyse Schmidt's Single Girl quilt pattern. My Bee Happy Bee friend, Rosanna, asked us each to piece one block for her. She did all the arduous cutting of the zillion pieces, and just asked us to piece it for her. Good golly, it's a good thing I didn't have to cut them! I would have given up at about piece number 35, but she's going to have an amazing quilt when we're all finished. :o)

Here's Sprout and one of the rings of my block:
Single Girl and a Baby

And here's a picture of the package of D-rings:
Extra Fiber?

I'm not entirely sure what happened to that corner, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be seeing it in a few days...

And I'm going to do something I don't think I've done before. I'm going to link to a few giveaways. Both are giving away some coveted Heather Ross fabrics, and both are fairly new blogs, and both are super talented quilters, so you should hop on over and paruse their little corner of the blogosphere.
(1) Fussycut:
(2) Jednoiglec: She's in Poland, but she translates her blog posts for us, thank goodness!
Here is my absolute favorite thing of hers.
Rainbow - zoom
 It's a pillow with rainbow stripes and she put some hexagons on it, and if you look, she straight-line quilted each line with thread the color of that rainbow stripe! Sheer genius.

Good luck winning some of that HR fabric! And good luck getting some sewing done! I'm going to try to do some more of that right about now.


  1. Melissa, thank you very very much! I think I'm too shy for such nice words about me - I'm blushing!

  2. I just came across your very interesting blog. Sorry I missed the giveaways. I LOVE Heather Ross fabric boo hoo.


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