Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{WIP} Wednesday (on Wednesday, even!)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Yes, I had a busy week. Lots to do, lots to get done, lots more on the list.

Here are a few finished projects from last week. I didn't blog about this first one because I totally spaced on it. :o)  No, really. Can you believe it?! :o)

It's an adorable felt book with removable cupcake shapes. You may remember I made a felt board for Mookie last year, and she still loves it. Calls it her "games".  Don't know why. :o)  Anyways, a few weeks ago, I saw this tutorial by Wild Olive, and thought about how easy it would be and how pretty much every kid I know would just LOVE it. :o)  We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday for a little 3 year old, and so I made this for her. On the front cover, I glued a cupcake and the letter K for her name.
Cupcake book ~ cover: Cupcake Book ~ Cover

Here is a picture of the inside. If I make any more, I will insert a piece of fabric along the top edge so that I can fold it down and help keep all the pieces in place. You know felt sticks to itself, and it's pretty indiscriminate about which piece of felt it's sticking to...so when it's closed, it's nice and tidy, but when you open it up, the pieces are all skewhiffy. And I just didn't like that!  So, again. I'll insert fabric along the top, and fold it down before I close the book.
Cupcake book ~ ingredients: Cupcake Book ~ Ingredients

Since I knew all the pieces were going to go everywhere, I decided (at the almost-last minute) to create a little bag for K to put her pieces in. It's pretty crappy, but it's not bad for never having done one before! And I just kept telling myself that it's for a 3 year old, you know? It's not going to be judged at the county fair, or anything! :o)  I, of course, had to stay within the theme.

Cupcake bag: Cupcake Book ~ Bag

K was very pleased with it, as was her mother. Mookie was all over it. Wanting it, interrupting the gift opening process to go get it to play with it, asking me repeatedly to make one for her...fun.  You know what they say about the children of cobblers and doctors, right? It's the same for the children of crafters -- Mama's always making for other people, and doesn't make for her! One day. Maybe in May when she turns 3. :o)

I also finished my Barcelona skirt! Yay!  Let's just all promise to not show Mrs Wadsworth my hem, okay? Because she would not be very proud of her student... :o)

I shortened the 4th panel because I wanted it to hit my knee, but that's the only modification I made. And other than the zipper being a bit tricky, the instructions were VERY VERY clear! I can safely say that this is the first garment pattern I used that didn't make me feel like a complete, single-digit IQ, idiot.

And for the summer, I'm going to make one with some rrrrred fabric I have yet to find. :o)  I've always wanted a red summer skirt, and now I'm gonna get me one! :o)
Barcelona Skirt: Barcelona Skirt and Big Girl

As for my works in progress, I'm still working on Libby's house blocks (with no pictures because that's how much progress I've made, ahem!)

And I'm designing a mug rug for a swap within my modern quilt guild. I got Audrey's name, and I'm totally stoked. I have the design all done (in my head), now I just need to get it on paper and then execute it. It's going to take my mug rug expertise to the next level, lemme tell ya. :o)

I'm also part of a couple of scrap swaps, so I need to get my scraps all sorted and in the mail. Like, yesterday!

AND...I'm pretty excited that I think I've decided on a design for my Solids Challenge quilt! I'm almost 100% sure I'll blog the process because I'm not eligible for any prizes, and I just want to share what I'm doing! :o)

Now. I must get my nose back to the grind stone. I must get Libby's blocks done. I must get my scraps sent. I must, I must, I must.

Have a great week!


  1. omword, i love that little cupcake book! so stinking adorable...

  2. Happy Wednesday! The book and your felt skirt are adorable. I hope you do post about your solids challenge quilt - I'd love to see!


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