Saturday, October 8, 2011

Snow Over Sew

I'm not sewing because I spent all my energy oustide playing and building a snow man with my oldest. It is the first snow of the season, and she wanted to get out there first thing! I held her off till about noon. Till I mustered the courage to go into the cold.

I'll sew again soon. These first moments are too precious to miss. :)

First Snow of 2011


  1. So cute. I can't believe you've already got snow. It might triple digits on L.A. today.

  2. Heh, yes definitely time to stop and smell the roses/play in the snow :o)

  3. Oh, yikes. It's not even November. Where do YOU live? We normally have a scuffing by Halloween, but not THAT much.....Brr. I hate winter... :(

  4. WOW!!! That's a lot of snow :D

    It's been in the upper 70's crazy!!!

  5. Snow totally over sew! Love it! (I understand I might see you soon!) XOXO

  6. We didn't get that much here in Littleton-just a dusting! Wow! It looks like you had fun, and it was definitely time to spend some time playing.:)


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