Wednesday, July 4, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 26/52

Happy Independence Day!

Or, as I often heard when we lived in England, Happy Insurgents Day!  :o)

Can you believe the year is half over??  Me neither. Christmas is only a blink away!

Thanks to all of you who commented or sent emails about the wild fire west of town. We are safe, and have been the entire time, really, but the officials say the fire is no longer a concern to Colorado Springs. It's at 80% containment, so they are still fighting it, but probably not with 1000 firefighters like we had last week. But, MAN, that thing was horrific. Nothing in my life was ever really threatened, and yet I'm still processing it. I can't imagine what the people are going through that really lost everything. Those houses that burned (347 total) burned with such intensity that NOTHING survived. Where strong homes once stood, now piles of ash remain.

On that note, while there are a lot of different organizations and groups asking for quilts, Julie at Have Fun Quilting is taking quilts for victims of ALL the wild fires raging in the west right now. If you want to make a quilt for a victim, feel free to check her out. She's being very organized and deliberate about how she distributes the quilts. If you want to donate a quilt, or any quilt parts, I strongly encourage you to research the person/blog/group that you're giving it to. And GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Once all evacuees house guests left, and the house was quiet again, I was able to do a little sewing. Not enough, mind you, but a little. That baby boy of mine still thinks holding him 24/7 should be my first (and only) activity. :o)

I finally finished Natalie's bookshelf block for the Bee Happy bee. It measures 10 x 20", and is going to be part of a wall hanging, so we could add things and do things that wouldn't work on a bed quilt.

Natalie's Bookshelf Block ~ Bee Happy Bee

Like peeling wallpaper.

Peeling Wallpaper

And a steamy cup of coffee in a Christmas mug.

Coffee Mug on the Bookshelf

And a wrinkle in A Wrinkle in Time. :o)

Books on the Bookshelf

While it is definitely OUT (far, far out) of my comfort zone, it's fun to be able to add things, or try techniques that I couldn't do if she were going to use this quilt on her bed.

I spent a little smidge of time on Leona's mod mosaic blocks, and hope to get them done today.

Mod Mosaic for Leona

I also cut some hexies for Aunt Spicy. She's going to make a hexie quilt for Quilts of Valor, and another one to send to Australian soldiers. She's so generous, and inspiring. And FAST!!! That woman can SEW! :)

Hexies for Aunt Spicy

And, as further evidence to her generosity, she sent some Heather Bailey fat quarters because I'd mentioned that my 4 year old wants to make a quilt this summer. THANKS AUNT SPICY!!! We're going to pick out her solid today. She's pretty excited. :o)

Heather Bailey for Mookie's Quilt

I, of course, still have a million other bee blocks to make (9 feels like a million to me right now), and other projects to do. But I can only eat this elephant one bite at a time. So I'm going to spend my day of freedom sewing! Yay!

And linking up with the summer traveling {WiP} Wednesday, of course. :o)
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  1. Well if you leave hot steaming coffee next to the wallpaper, of COURSE it's going to peel... ;o) Well done for plodding on through, and good luck to the wee one on her first quilt :o)

  2. I just happened to run across your blog with W.i.P small world! I love that your little girl is learning to quilt! That is so exciting! Enjoy your sewing day and I hope you and your family have a safe and happy fourth!

  3. Great projects!! Love that mini, and those mod mosaic blocks look awesome!

  4. Thank goodness you and your family are okay. Thanks for the lead for donating quilts to those poor victims.

    Don't worry about the sewing right now. It's going to be there long after that little one can't be bothered with you. They become so independent too fast.

    I love what you have done with the bookshelf block. It's great.

  5. Cute projects! That bookshelf block is lots of fun :-)


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