Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 31/52...and 32/52

(I actually wrote this last week, but never uploaded the pictures, and here we are, a week later, just like that! Poof! So, I'm gonna cheat and just use the one from last week, and intersperse any changes or finishes or new starts. :) )

So...Anna Maria Horner.


On SO many levels. She is personable, she is kind, she is whip smart, she is genuine, she is funny, she is fiercely talented, she is adorable, she is beautiful, she is hard-working. She is what we all want to be when we grow up.

I was blessed to spend some one-on-one time with her on Friday before her first event, and then she spoke to our guild on Friday night.

Let me just say. If you ever have the chance to hear her tell her story? GO! Run like the wind! Pay the money! You will NOT regret it. I'm cheap, and I'm not an artist, and I don't aspire to design fabric. But her talk? Was ridiculously inspiring. For pretty much everyone that came. SO worth every penny.

(and every exhausting minute put into getting her here!)

You can see the exhaustion in my face here on Saturday. I was SO tempted to crop in a better picture of my face, but that might take another week. Or a year. :)

So Friday night was her lecture/trunk show. We saw her creative process, we saw pictures of her as a kid, we saw (and touched) some of her most beautiful quilts, we got to know HER. She was exhausted, I know, but she never showed it. She's all class. :)  And Saturday she taught her multi-tasker tote class. Which, I am SO glad I took as a part of a class!! I'm s...l...o...w..., and I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to reading patterns, but, to me, it was SO worth it!! For one, Rocket Man and I got to hang out with my best gal pals ALL DAY. That was such a treat. And for another, Anna held him pretty much every time he made eye contact with her.

Lemme just pause right there. Just exactly HOW many people can say that Anna Maria Horner held their baby while they sewed??

Buzz and his new girlfriend. @annamariahorner

And for another, it was so valuable to me to have the pattern designer right there at our beck and call. And she was so gentle and democratic when we asked dumb questions. :-) Well, it was mostly only me asking dumb questions, but still. :-)

I really and truly believe that everyone who attended both events found it to be well worth the time and money.

Sadly, I did not finish my tote. And I have not picked it up again, either. I am just now, 4 days later, starting to feel human again! That whole thing just wiped me out! Shattered! Knackered!!

I hope to work on it this week. Once I get my mojo back. :-)

*Update: I finished it this week! Here's a pic:
It's all over but the totin'.

OH!! Before I forget! Her new line, Field Study, is beautiful and vibrant and fluid and full of character. I love it on MULTIPLE levels. I've already designed a quilt that will feature each print, now I just need to get my mitts on it! Fancy Tiger in Denver has it already, so I may drive up there and buy some. Or all. I usually don't go gaga for collections, but I'm going cuckoo for this one!

*Update: I went to Fancy Tiger and measured the repeat on each one so I know how to use it in my quilt. I also picked up an extra sales brochure of Field Study so I could cut it up. This isn't what the quilt is going to look like, merely a picture so I can remember what prints I want to use.


I didn't touch anything from Sunday to Tuesday when I cleaned off my sewing table hoping to kick-start my motivation.

*Update: It's a mess again.

But then I filled it back up again. I'm gonna start small by sewing a banner of little triangles for the girls' room. My friend Amy, of Stitchery Dickory Dock, suggested it as a way to use up wee scraps, and it's darling (just like she is, by the way!), so we're gonna give that a shot this week.

*Update: Here's my oldest girlie helping Mama sew a banner for her room:

Sewing teeny triangle garland a la @stitcherydickory with my girly-girl.

And I've got some bee blocks to finish. And others to start. :-)

*Update: I finished my Melissa block. Well, almost finished. I still have to put a strip of aqua across the top and the bottom, and then I've got to do a word that describes our Bee Happy bee. Hopefully I'll get that done this week.

My name block for Alison in the Bee Happy Bee

We are going to be putting the girls in the same room soon, and little Buzz will go into the nursery, so I've got some domestic labor in my near future. Blending two closets is not my idea of fun. :-(. And I'm really scared about how they'll do in a shared room!! I anticipate very little sleep for us all in the near future. But it has to be done, so I will go bravely toward the challenge. :-)

*Update: The bunk beds went into their room yesterday, and last night was a "trial run"...that turned into a Papa Left The Room dance party, and ended with a Mama Found Out pity party. :-)  I'm praying tonight goes better.

That's all I can think of for now. Have a great week, and good luck getting some WiPs done!

(I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced's WiP Wednesday spot, hosted by Cindy, this week.)

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  1. I'm SO glad your AMH time went so well, I know how much you were looking forward to it (Rocket man may eventually appreciate it one day... ;o) )

  2. AMH overload never! She seems like the sweetest from what I always hear! Love your Melissa blocks and the bag!

  3. That is fantastic that your time with AMH went so well! What an experience! Your bag is really cute.
    We have to have the kids at least for a couple years share once we move back to LA and I am SCARED!

  4. AMH--how awesome! Thanks for linking up.

  5. Melissa, you did a great job getting Anna to come here and I didn't get a chance to thank you for your work or tell you what a great night it was. Thanks!


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