Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 12/52

Happy Wednesday!

Does anyone still call Wednesday "Hump Day"? I never liked the term much, but I just wonder if it's gone the way of the 8-track tape. :o)

Did you get much done on Worldwide Quilting Day Saturday? I didn't! ;-). Of course it was our guild meet-and-sew, and my birthday, so instead of sewing, I was eating! I got to have lunch with my friends , which is a rare treat, and then I got to have Mexican food with my family, which is another rare treat. :o)

On of our members brought her 6 year old granddaughter (and her machine), to the meet-and-sew, and when little Bree found out it was my birthday, she made me a sweet little something.

All by herself!

Yes, she used her grandma's fancy embroidery machine, but Bree did all the work while Sally worked on her own project. I was floored!!! And I swear my daughters will never get their paws on this!

I did sew a little on Katie's bee blocks...

And I got my solids so I can sew together my mod mosaic quilt.

Except, whoops! I forgot that there were 7 that I have to patch or fix in some way. That's one of the disadvantages of being in a bee (or 4) ... some people don't have quite the same standards of stitching or definition of 1/4" seam as I do. :-/ Such is life in a hive, though. (Note: my Bee Happy hive makes me perfect blocks every time. Every. Single. Time. They ARE the bees' knees!). And I don't know who made each one - there are 48 - so it doesn't really matter, I just have to figure out how to fix them! Like this:

I'm not even sure HOW to fix that one! Can I put some fusible interfacing on the back and then fuse another layer of white? Will that work?? I would HATE for this thing to start disintegrating after I get it finished!

So, my goals this week are to finish Katie's blocks, and fix these mod mosaic blocks.

OH!!! And I've started to get my do.Good Stitches blocks for March. I'm excited! This'll be such a fun, spring quilt. :o)

I'm playing with the layout, there are at least 4 different designs I've played with so far. Once I get all the blocks, I'll decide what looks best all together.

Have a great, crafty and productive week!

I'm linking up with Lee of Freshly Pieced. Go see what everyone else is doing! It's always so inspiring. :o)
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  1. Happy belated birthday to you! I did not know we share the same month for our birthdays! Good luck with the fixing...

  2. Every time I come to your blog I just LOVE your header. Can't wait to see that Modern Mosaic!

  3. Your good stitches is coming together nicely. I love the fresh feel of the colours with the white space. Lovely.

  4. Wow, love that wee purse, so cute! I made a 90" square top on Saturday, but I didn't realise it was international quilt day til afterwards lol Good luck with the mod mosaics - I suppose part of it depends on how densely you're going to quilt it on how much you need to worry about the miniscule seams...

  5. Oh dear. That seam is horrible! I had a few from a bee that were 1/4 inch smaller than what they were supposed to finish at. I ended up just not using those blocks and making new ones. But the blocks were simple to make and not mod mosaic blocks. Your quilt is going to be stunning though.


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