Thursday, June 13, 2013

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 24/52

I love sewing. Really I do. I just don't feel like I get to do enough of it!

Or, maybe I should say that I don't feel like I get to do enough enjoyable sewing. And it feels like whatever free time I do have is spent doing something other than enjoyable sewing!  It's just not fair!! :)

But this weekend, I had the chance to spend some quality time with my sewing machine, and a WiP that has been languishing on my design wall for quite some time. Quite. :)

Wonky Zigs

You'll recognize it. From March!  This was my quilt for the Faith Circle of the do.Good Stitches bee of March. I got most of my blocks back in March, but there were a couple of people who didn't send them until well into April. And by the time I did get them and was able to sew a couple of rows together, it was May and things got cray-hay-hay-zee!!  ;)

So...I finally got to take it off my design wall and put it together on Sunday.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't quite remember what I had done the first time, and so I had to spend a little time figuring out where to go next. No big deal. It's sewing...I can figure it out. :)

Except I didn't do a very good job of figuring it out.  See that big X there on the left? It's not supposed to be there! And because it's there, that whole column is off, making the entire look of the

Wonky Zigs -- Oops!

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm NOT a perfect quilter. No way, no how.  I rarely even seek perfection! I seek quality construction (don't want it to fall apart in the wash!), and I seek a good visual image, but I don't seek perfection!  If only this little block was turned, and the rest of the rows of wonky zig zags looked fine, then I would totally leave it! But it ruins the lines of the whole quilt, I think.

So, thankfully it's on the end, I just ripped out 3 seams, and now I have to flip it around and sew it back together.

The right way. No biggie.  :)  I had hoped to have it quilted in time for our Front Range Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Saturday, but I highly doubt that's gonna happen. Maybe I'll just show them the flimsy.

Other than that, I've got a couple of bee blocks to make, and I really want to start a new quilt from my 13 in 13 (quilts to make in 2013) list. I've made 2. And it's June. Well...3, once this one is finished, but it's not on my 13 in 13 list! 

Oh, and I currently know of 5 of my friends who are pregnant, so I guess I best be figuring out how to...wait. Scratch that. 6. Six pregnant friends. I need to be busting out some baby quilts, man!  :)

You know what? Summer is busier than I thought it was going to be! Having 3 active little kids to entertain all day every day is exhausting!


  1. I think 3 quilts in 5.5 months is fabulous - don't make life more difficult than you need to. The kids won't always be little make the most of them and don't stress it. I'm sorry you are not doing enough enjoyable sewing though - perhaps you need some small projects?

  2. Just stopped by your blog to see what you've been up to. I think we all get into a rut with wanting to do "enjoyable sewing." I ponder that-a lot actually. Is enjoyable sewing things I make for me (that often have no real purpose) or things I make to bless others, or "bee/swap" blocks. To tell you the truth I've come to the conclusion that there really is no purpose in bee/swap groups for me...besides do. Good Stitches. What I've seen is that most people rarely ever take the blocks they receive and get them made up into a finished project and yet they are off again working on a new bee/swap. Gosh I know I'm probably stepping on some toes here so please know this is only a guideline I am applying to myself. I also find that I struggle a lot with the "I have to make something for everyone for every occasion" thing. I've come to realize that a lot of the things I've spent quite a bit of time on and given to others are not really received with much enthusiasm. That's not a judgement on the's just that some people really like hand-made and others don't.

    My two cents are really scrutinize what you take on so that your sewing is more enjoyable than not and something you look forward to. In a mom of a 19 year old I'd also say that although the days may go slow and be exhausting the years fly by faster than you'll ever believe. Cherish those three precious little ones :o)

    ps...hope this didn't sound "preachy"...just wanted to share some personal thoughts/insights.

  3. Hate that 'no enjoyable sewing' feeling o.O Glad the wonk was a quick fix :o)


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