Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 24/56

I haven't sewn much lately. My family and I just got back from an epic 12-day, 3000 mile road trip in an RV. Yes, it was as exhausting and crazy as you are thinking. It was also as good as you are thinking. :o)

And while it was (technically) possible to have a sewing machine in the RV, it wasn't really possible to sew while in motion, with 3 small children and their constant needs. And their constant motion. And their constant talking. 

Thankfully, I was able to work on my Schnitzel and Boo swap mini at my in-laws' house. I didn't do much, but I did attach the Dresden blades to the background for my partner. Then I hand-stitched them down on the drive home. 

I don't think it will be that big, though I do want it to be off-set. Here's a picture of just the Dresden plate.

Now my question to you is, how should I quilt it? What do you think?  What would you love if this was given to you?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. You know what I think would be kind of fun? Squiggly lines in teal-aqua-yellow variegated thread leading out from the points of the dresden. Don't know why, it just struck me!

  2. Of course I would love it and I would do some straight line or gently curving lines either straight across or radiating out from dresden.

  3. FMQ it! RV trips are fun though :o)

  4. I would love to see straight lines radiating out.

  5. Great block and I love the colors...

  6. That is really pretty! What about echo quilting?


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