Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 33/52

I think I should type this whole post backwards.


Yhw? Esuaceb ton ylno did I ton hsilpmocca gnihtyna, tub I dedda ot ym PiW tsil!!

(eh, too time-consuming!)

So why was I typing every word backward? Because not only did I not accomplish anything, but because I added to my WiP list!

Fabric for a new project:
(it's Kitchy Kitchen by Maude Asbury by Blend)

What I NEED to work on this week
  • Alison's bee blocks
  • Des's bee blocks
  • A car seat cover for a friend's new baby.
What I WANT to work on this week:
  • Kelly's bee blocks
  • Mary's bee blocks
What I won't likely touch all week, but need to:
  • Fruit Stripe quilt
  • Grayson quilt
  • Field Study quilt
We are entering Week 2 of getting the girls into bunk beds. It's especially challenging for the 2-year old. And the 40-year old. :-p. I know it will take time, and it's just the next level of sleep training, but I'm just really hoping to not go crazy before we get there. Here's a crappy picture I took of the video monitor. See her little head popping up above the protective gate? She's just got toooooo much energy!

I hope you have a wonderful, crafty, and productive week! :)

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced and Lee's weekly {WiP} Wednesday feature.
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  1. ack, Bee blocks are next on my list and I AM mailing yours, I PROMISE! I had to put everything else down and work on things that have exact due dates, so I can pack up the sewing machine eventually.
    I love your new fabric!

  2. Right so silly me actually tried to read the backwards sentence before realising you had interpreted it in the next paragraph haha!

    It's so easy to add to the WiP list isn't it - so much fab inspiration out there! Love the fabric for the new project.

    Good luck with the sleep thing - I keep reminding myself that it's only for a short time and eventually they'll learn to sleep in their own beds!

  3. LOL I think each day is a WIP...no matter what we finish! Especially with littles in the home!

    Love the fabric and your sense of humor!

  4. Hey now, that was mean to make the dyslexic read all that backwards (and incidentally, who names a condition that makes it difficult to read and spell so fricking difficult to spell?!!) Anywho, good luck with that list, and have you thought of giving one of you a nip of whisky before bed? One or other of you will sleep through the night regardless ;o)

  5. Good luck with the bunk beds, I'm about to embark on that myself too. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.

  6. My WIP list is growing too. Love the Maude Asbury fabric. I just spotted some at my LQS earlier today and it totally caught my eye. Have fun.

  7. My WIP list is ever growing currently as well. I just love to cut too much!

  8. Oh my gosh, that could be the story of my life. Even on the weeks/months that I think I'm being "virtuous" and finishing WiPs, I discover that I started just as many as I finish, so I end up breaking even. Anyways, good luck on the new WiPs and the sleep training!


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