Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{WiP} Wednesday - Week 9

Man, I've missed linking up with Lee for {WiP}Wednesdays! It always kept me on track, keeping WiPs in my face, and keeping me blogging!

Well, I had a little quilty heart-break last fall, and I didn't feel like blogging much. :-(  No big deal, not even really worth talking about, but I've sure missed blogging!

I've been very busy, though! Very. :o) 

I made my Hope Takes Flight quilt two more times, and Robert Kaufman now has the pattern on their website for free.

Here is the one made from a Kona Classics charm pack (and the pattern HERE)
Hope Takes Flight ~ Kona Charm Pack

And here's the batik version (and pattern HERE
HopeTakesFlight ~ Geoscapes Batik

Not too shabby for batiks, eh?  Research has shown that a good number of people enjoy making modern quilts with batiks, and Robert Kaufman wanted to show a pattern that uses both. I'm so thankful they wanted my butterfly pattern for that! :o)

And I did another top secret quilt that I will show you someday. :o)  But now that those three major projects are finished, I'm back to sewing for FUN!  :o)

Like this. I'm not really a fan of stick-you-hand-in-a-bag improv piecing (my brain can't handle all that chaos!), but I do love no-expectations-no-plan improv piecing. :o)  I started sewing strips together, thought the orange strip was too thick, so I cut it down the middle, and sewed the pieces together on opposite sides. Then I decided the whole thing was too wide, so I cut a piece off the left and flipped it. Loved that, so I did it on the right. I really love the way your eye moves across the block, and I love how this is coming together! It's going to be the back of a special baby quilt.

No-plan Improv

The Front Range MQG retreat is this weekend, and I've decided that I'm only going to work on things for ME. No charity blocks, no bee blocks, no gifts. Only things for me (and maybe my children), because I very rarely sew things for me. And I've got a list as long as my arm! :o) We'll see how well that works out...

I hope you have a wonderful, crafty week! Thanks for reading! :o)


  1. Love this! Headed over for the pattern right now!! :) Thanks!

    Sorry about your quilty hearbreak :( Quilting on heals all wounds ;)

  2. I saw this pattern the other day and LOVED it. It is so fabulous...congratulations and thanks so much for sharing it with us. It is on my "must do" list.

  3. Yay for sewing just for you!

    And heartbreak? Tell all missy!

  4. Congrats on the pattern - I will put that on my to-do list, for sure! I am so excited for the retreat- you are the best for putting me on the wait list. See you soon.

  5. Visiting from WIP - new to there, totally trying to make a habit of blogging and getting things done, so glad to hear you do too! Have fun at retreat and don't buckle - sew only what you want to!

  6. Stoppin by from WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.. Me too I need a Quilt and I am going to go work on it Right now.. You go girl

  7. Wow! What a perfect pattern to return to blogging with -- it's amazing! I'm not usually a fan of batiks (even if some have snuck into the my stash!), but your pattern has me thinking twice about that. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy your retreat!

  8. Wow, that's great that Robert Kaufmann is using your pattern! I personally am not at all a fan of batiks, but I think you have definitely shown that they can be used in a modern quilt quite successfully.

  9. What a great pattern! I'm not usually a fan of batiks but they look great here!

  10. Really effective modern quilt - fresh. I like this one

  11. I loved your butterfly quilt in persona and it's lovely in the batik too. Congratulations on having it available for people to make. I'm sure it will brighten many peoples times.


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