Sunday, June 5, 2011

Really? That's it?

You would think 492 feet of continuous bias binding would look more impressive than this!

(it's actually about 465" long)

Since my quilt for Alabama (Craft Hope) is so large, there is quite a bit of real estate to be bound. (sigh). I don't mind binding. Some people hate it. Tonight, however, I am hating the continuous bias binding process. I'm not convinced it was faster or better than simply cutting the strips and sewing them together.

If I never see a continuous bias binding again, I'll be a happy woman!


  1. Haha! Well you're in good company - I used the continuous binding method ONCE. It's SO easy to just cut strips! Once you cut the first one at 45 degrees the others are pretty easy. I do like bias binding though so I usually cut on the bias but, I also know a lot of people just make straight grain bindings!

  2. cut strips and be done. but then again, I am a binding hater and have started paying people to bind my quilts. shameful. but it makes me happy and they love it.


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