Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{WiP} Wednesday #12

(I've been doing this for 12 weeks? How is that even possible?!)

WIP Wednesday at Fresly Pieced

I'm here again, linking up with Lee, to report to y'all how I've done this week getting stuff OFF my to-do list.

Finishes this week:
I finished my quilt for Craft Hope (to be sent to Alabama) and sent it off. I miss it already. :) You can read about what that quilt taught me here.

Building Blocks of Hope for Alabama ~ What Quilt?

I've finished prepping 2 more of my Birdie Stitches block-a-month blocks. I need to trace the embroidery on the center blocks, and then they're ready to be stitched. It'll be nice to only be 3 months behind instead of 4. :)

Birdie Stitches BOM ~ January through May

I also finished that ding-dang camera strap cover I promised my friend at Christmas. (Slacker!) I really hope she likes it. It's a bit scrappy, and I don't know if she'll like that part of it, but the other side is solid, so that's good. I like it, and if she doesn't, well, no harm done. (I used THIS tutorial again.)

Camera Strap Cover ~ For Jamie, Scrappy side

Camera Strap Cover ~ For Jamie, Solid side
In looking at my blog post when I made my own last year, I realized that I had fully intended to make another one for myself. Then when I took it off the camera strap to try Jamie's I realized that it's stained, and it shrank, and it's just...elementary. I totally need a new one! I can not, however, make a new one for myself right now. WAY too much to do. Maybe next week. :)


Still needing some lovin'
  1. Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge -- (sigh). I still haven't started piecing it. I'm SUCH a bad role model. I hope to get piecing on it this week. I HAVE TO get piecing on it this week! Dang.
  2. do. Good Stitches Bee {Faith Circle} -- lollipop blocks, still unstarted. I haven't even pulled fabrics. I will, though!
  3. Katie's Bee Happy bee blocks -- Christmas tree and Rainbow tree. I had hoped to finish these Tuesday, but dadgum "life" just got the best of me. I hope to get to them today or tonight.
  4. Birdie Stitches BOM blocks -- even though I got some prepped, I'm still shamefully behind. I hope to make some good progress this week as I will be away from my electric sewing machine and will have to rely solely on the sewing machine attached to the end of my wrist.
  5. Jen's purse -- right. I need to start this one on the back burner so maybe it'll simmer enough to actually create an idea I can go on! :)
  6. Bottled Rainbows QAL -- unstarted. I'm collecting scraps for it, though. Does that count? :)
  7. Secretive Get Better Quilt -- unstarted, I could at least start it so when the time comes to need it, I won't have to panic. Hmmm....
  8. Secretive P&P Quilt -- unstarted, must buy fabric and set this on the back burner as well.
  9. Fabric Hutch-- the doors are open and airing out the cigar smell.
  10. Mug Rugs -- I unearthed a couple of mug rugs I started in January, I think? I'm going to work on them this week. They're for a very sweet couple who could use some cheering up.
New This Week
 Hmmm...I don't think anything! I've certainly got enough on my plate! But I will add "camera strap cover" here, so that next week, when I look back and maybe have a bit of time (hahaha!), I'll remember that I wanted to make one. I'm thinking yellow and aqua this time. I'm SO loving that combination. :)  Or rainbow. Always love the rainbow.

Have a great week, and I hope you get a lot done! And if you've got some extra time, you should see what others are working on this week. Click here to go to Lee's link-up.


  1. Beautiful camera strap - and a love the purple flowers you photographed it with. Love the embroidery,'re more brave than I!

  2. I like the camera strap cover. I think the monochromatic scheme makes it look less scrappy than many others I have seen.

  3. I understand about the Bottled Rainbow quilt. I'm going at a snail's pace, but I'm ~enjoying~ it. I'm determined not to zip through just to have it done. I love your camera scrap!

  4. Love the way you're doing rainbow blocks for your Birdies

  5. what a beautiful model in the first picture. the camera strap is real nice,love the greens!!

  6. I love your Birdie Stitches! Very cute!

  7. I love your Craft Hope quilt! Just beautiful. That family that receives it will be very lucky! Great idea with the camera strap. I'll have to give that a try sometime.

  8. Love the fabrics for your birdie blocks! and the camera strap looks lovely :)

  9. your embroidery is absolutely beautiful! Hand stitching rocks. I'll be follower # 46. ; )
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  10. Wow! Those blue eyes are amazing! Just wondered... did you follow a tutorial for the camera strap or is it all your wonderful design? Would love to make one.

  11. Based upon Kylie's question, I added the link to the tutorial for the camera strap. I found it here:

    I also extend the camera strap as the author suggests. I find it fits my Nikon strap every time, and I love it! :)


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