Friday, September 14, 2012

A Week in Instagram

I feel bad only posting on Wednesdays. I'm pretty sure 98% of my posts in the last year have been {WiP} Wednesdays.


Sorry about that. I won't promise to make any improvements, but when I can, and when I think of it, I will. :), thanks to the inspiration from my guild friend, Kate at Oh Write, I'm linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday.

life rearranged

The idea (I think?) is to simply recap your InstaGram highlights on your blog. I have fallen madly in love with Instagram, and spend more time on it than I should. Same as any social medium, of course, but it's fun!  It's funny - I'm more private than Facebook in some areas, but more "real" in others. Anyway, here we go!

 Pouch baby snoozes. I don't wear Buzz nearly as much as I should because it makes life a lot easier. But look at that little smooshy face. He's a snuggle bug, that's for sure!

 Look, Mommy! This plant glitters! I'm not sure what it was that made it glitter, but I thought she looked cute with her glasses and hood.

 Sacked out on da mama.  I know I pretty much flood the IG world with pics of Buzz asleep, but that's kinda the only time I think of taking pictures and posting to InstaGram!

 I'm sleeping in a tent, Mommy! Love her imagination!

 Serendipity! I pieced this mod mosaic block, and when I finished it, I realized that there was a perfect little flower in the middle. No fussy cutting required. :)
 Happy Making! Oh, I am LOVVVVVING this quilt! It just looks so great on my wall, and it's SO super easy to piece. I almost made an Amish mistake in the layout, though. I'm debating on keeping it or not.

 McFwooowie, Mommy? We took a break while big sister was at school to enjoy a little treat. Girlfriend loves herself some ice cream!

Silly Monkeys! We got a new bed delivered (I feel so grown-up!), and let the girls jump on the old mattress for a while. It was really precious.

And that's it! I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to getting my new iPhone (5, thankyouverymuch!) so I can update my IG software! :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fun! I love instagram, too. It's fun to see little snippets into other people's life! Glad you joined. ;)

  2. Phew, such a good job you made all those quilts, what with them having nothing else to play with ;o) I'm sooo flaky at instagram and twitter

  3. cream...jumping on beds...your kids are living the dream!


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