Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 35/52

One of these days I want to do a giveaway. Would you like that? Not to draw traffic to my blog, no "post this on FB and get an extra point" junk. Just a "comment and someone wins" kind of giveaway. One of these days. :)  Thing is, I don't know what to give away! Fabric, obviously, but what? I like the idea of giving away some precuts, but the fabrics I'm loving lately aren't available in precuts, I don't think. We'll see. SO...in the event of a future giveaway (not today), what should I give away?

I just want to do something fun. For a really long time, I've had the same number of followers as I've had blog posts. 94 and 94, 101 and 101, 120 and 120...and I think that's neato-freato! :)

Anyway, works in progress = loads.

First, finishes!!

Wait, let me go back and see what I said I needed to finish this week. I know I didn't finish everything I was supposed to...that kind of crazy star alignment can't happen twice in a row, you know...

Okay. I needed to do Mod Mosaic Bee blocks for Mary and a Bee Happy block for Kelly, and I needed to write up the description for the September {Faith} circle of the do.Good Stitches bee.

Here's the block I made for Kelly, which, by the way, I LOVED making. :)

Improv ~ for Bee Happy Kelly (August 2012)

I also wrote up the description for our Butterflies and Rainbows quilt. Here's a mock-up that I made on EQ7:

Butterflies and Rainbows

I don't know what I'm doing on EQ7, so I'm sure it could look a TON better, but you get the idea. One day soon I'll tell you about that quilt and why it's Butterflies and Rainbows. OR...you could just click on the link and read the short description. You can also go the Faith circle group and read the description there.

I did not even touch the fabric for Mary's Mod Mosaic blocks.

Instead, I decided to make a couple of ruffled wristlets, using THIS tutorial from Teaginny Designs. I am kind of a snob when it comes to tutorials, and I have to say that this was a very well written tutorial, and the hardest part was finding the right sized d-rings! :)  Well, and the other part where I broke my needle on one of the ruffles. Never broken a needle on fabric before last night! :)  I made these for my oldest daughter's preschool teachers. They are HUGE blessings, and I just wanted to give them a little something to start the year off on a good note. :)

Ruffled Wristlets

So, now. Back to the works in progress...or not. :)

I have GOT to do Mary's blocks. And now that it's September, and I'm not actually caught up anymore, I've also got to do Julie's Mod Mosaic blocks.

I've got to make my butterflies for the Butterflies and Rainbows quilt. They go super fast, though, and I'm hoping I can figure out a way to speed-piece them.

I have GOT to start working on the Grayson quilt and the Fruit Stripe quilt.  MUSTs.

And, I want to make myself a little wristlet to match my Multi-tasker tote that I made with Anna Maria Horner. And I want to make my Field Study quilt. And I want to work on my 3G Legacy quilt, which I still intend to tell you about.

Honestly. There are a ton of things throughout the week that I think "Oh, I wanna blog about that!" and yet, when the house is quiet, and I have more than 1/8th of a thought running through my head, and I'm not super exhausted, I'm sewing instead of blogging! I could never be someone who makes money off of her blog. :)

I hope you have a wonderful, and crafty week! Good luck getting your WiPs done. :)

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced, and the weekly {WiP} Wednesday feature.

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  1. I LOVE the rainbows and butterflies quilt! I can't wait to see it for realz in fabric! I would love EQ7, but I heard it isn't great for Mac. Someday, maybe.
    I'm also thinking of doing a giveaway after the move. I think they are exciting! Give away whatever feels right. I would be drooling over a bag of pretty scraps just as much as a yard of fabric.

  2. That would be my kind of giveaway! I hate it when you have to jump through a thousand hoops to just enter or it's just designed to get more traffic...
    What a nice idea to give teachers stuff at the beginning of the year!

  3. Your block for Kelly is fantastic! And I love the wristlet! The Butterflies and Rainbows quilt is going to be a 'happy' quilt!

  4. Love that block for Kelly! And your wristlet is too cute!
    That Butterflies and Rainbows quilt is going to be a 'happy' quilt! :)

  5. you totally should have a giveaway! and if you give away one of those key chains, or your infinity scarf I would totally enter...but lets be honest, you could give away a rock and I would enter!

  6. Ah well, you win some, you lose some on the catch up front! Love the triangle block and butterflies and rainbows looks cool :o)

  7. That rainbows and butterfly quilt mock up is gorgeous :)

  8. The Butterflies & Rainbows quilt is so pretty! Looks like a wonderful use of EQ7 to me!

  9. Love the rainbow butterfly quilt design. I have a thing for rainbow quilts these days.

  10. Since you're thinking about a giveaway of pre cuts, I suggest you put together a FQ set of your favourites (and keep the rest of the pieces he he ). II like the originality of mixing and matching.

  11. Ooooh love that block. You made it for me, eh? Haha! I can only wish. I pinned your EQ7 layout too, maybe someday for a big girl quilt. She had better love butterflies though!


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