Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 5/52 ~ Straight-lines and Swirls

While there are other works I need to finish, this quilt is the only one I can even think of right now!

I'm working on the straight lines now, and had a wee little hiccup with at the long arm on Friday, but got the swirls all quilted on another long arm. Whew!!

Ain't she purty? :-)
Hope Takes Flight 2 ~ quilting the butterflies.

Once I finish this, I've got 4 bee blocks for January to make. I'm going to have to ask for some grace, though, because I know I won't be finished with this enough to make those by Friday!

And THEN, just when I swore off any more projects, I was sitting in church, all was peaceful and pastor started talking, and before anyone could even get their bibles open, I was sketching out a new, inspired-by-the-sermon quilt in the back of a Target receipt. :-/. And I'm obsessed!! But it'll just have to wait.

I've got another burden right now. :-) Hope you're having a great week!

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  1. I'd love to see your quilting machine in a larger picture. Can you make it bigger? Go back to where you create it, click on it, then choose a larger photo. Thanks! I've got an HQ sweet 16 that looks like yours. I love your quilt pattern, by the way!

    1. Linda, I did that for you. I wrote this post on my phone, and didn't notice the size difference. :)
      I only rented the time at the Baby Lock dealer, but I really enjoyed it! It's a Baby Lock Crown Jewel, and sewed like butter. The only thing I didn't like is that it kept beeping at me when it thought I was going too fast. :)

  2. Your butterfly quilt looks gorgeous so far!
    The last time I was at my husband's parent's church, I found quilting inspiration everywhere - I had 3 sketches done before we left!

    1. I definitely find inspiration in 3-dimensional things - the floor, someone's jacket, a heating vent cover...but never from the sermon!

  3. This quilt looks delightful! I look forward to more pictures!

    I've attended several sermons where the message inspired me in unusual ways--I love that I'm not the only one! :)

    1. Thanks, Audrey! This is actually the second time I'm making this quilt pattern. Here's a link to my blog post about the first one after I finished it:
      It's a rather long post, but it explains who the quilt was for, and the (entire) (long) (agonizing) process from start to finish. :)
      I'm making a second one from the leftover butteflies, to also give to Restore Innocence, but first, the quilt has a layover in Austin at QuiltCon! I entered it into their bee category for the quilt competition, and it was accepted! So I'm finishing up the twin, and sending it next week. :)

  4. Looking good! I went back to check out the original, and what an amazing gift of love. It's beautiful, Melissa.


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