Wednesday, August 26, 2015

TRANSPARENCY!! (Bee Sewcial Instructions for March 2015)

Hi!  This post is for the members of the Bee Sewcial bee, and those following along as part of the Inspired by Bee Sewcial team. Hi! :o)

March is my month to inspire and challenge my fellow Sewcialites to make blocks for my quilt. I'll be honest, my creativity is waning, and even though I've been ruminating on this quilt for a few weeks, I don't feel like I'm coming up with anything really challenging and innovative and unique. But as I have thought about it, I keep coming back to two features that I would love to have, and this is where I'm starting:

1. Cool blues and cool greens.
2. Transparency

Here are some color palettes for you to start with:
March ~ Melissa
And I would like any neutral to be a light/pale gray or light blue/gray, as you can see in some of the palettes.
As for transparency, I couldn't find a lot of images on Flickr, but I do love the original Traveling Quilt by Oliver+S, which can be found HERE

really love this watercolor quilt by Eliza Kenan HERE

and this doll quilt on Flickr by Lisa K.
Completed doll quilt: Strawberry-Rhubarb Πr2 by losabia

Cool, right?

So, here are my instructions. 
1. Please make 2 blocks -- one at least 14" unfinished square (trim or don't trim, I just need it to be at least 14" to start, ), and one at least 9" unfinished.
2. Using mostly blues and mostly greens, and a slight dash of light gray, please construct the blocks however you like, in order to create a sense of transparency. Strips, squares, circles...whatever! I just love how the colors blend. Think Venn Diagram. ;)


Here are the finished blocks on my design wall. There is no rhyme or reason for them to be where they are, and I have NO clue how to lay them out, but here they are! :)

And there you have it, folks! March for the Bee Sewcial bee! Transparency. :)

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