Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, Alley Approves!

(Warning: this is largely a stream-of-conscious post. Good luck following my train of thought!)

So I'm almost finished with the stroller blanket I'm making for my best friend's new baby, and I have not only struggled with the new type of fabric (hairier than any German Shepherd I've ever met!) (and stretchy, too!), but I've also struggled with not being confident that Angela will love it as much as I do.

I know it's totally simple, so there's really not much to love (or hate, I suppose). And she picked out the Alexander Henry Diamond Eye fabric...but she didn't pick out the reminds-me-of-my-bathroom-mat red minkee for the backside. :o)

I know black/white/red is supposed to be the ideal color combination for new babies, and the soft fabric, and bold pattern, and a couple of textures will delight the little budding genius.  But what I don't know is if Angela will love it because I made it, or because it's awesome.

I think it's awesome. But I tend to like more traditional color combinations, like black/white/red. She tends to go for the bolder, modern, retro color combinations. Like her wedding colors were brown and green. They were stupendously awesome together, and she did an amazing job of creating a perfectly coordinated wedding, and I love that color combination now, but it just didn't turn my head before her big day, you know?

I've gone back and forth and back and forth, again about whether or not the red was the right color for the backing. I could have gone with white, but the AH is not a true white, and it's too dingy to kinda/sorta go, you know?  And I know I could have ordered any number of colors from the web, but I didn't want to blindly order "off-white" and not like it. And I could have gone with an orange (again from the web), but, well, I was kinda doofy about that. Basically, I just didn't think about it! I went with the VERY BASIC color selection of minkee fabrics at my local Joann's, and fell for the red.  Am I a bad friend for not going the extra mile and ordering the orange from the web, so that her baby would have yet another black/white/orange thing for its room? Or for not ordering off-white from the web and hoping that it would be "off" enough to go with the front fabric?

I've got another piece of the AH Diamond Eye. Should I just order the orange minky dot off the web, and start over?

Help. I can't make this decision alone!

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