Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 16/52

The reason everything takes so long! #helpfulhelpers

So this is still in progress. :)  I have most of the rows sashed together -- just a couple more to go, then I have to sash the sides. Then prepare the backing (Spot On Wide in Chartreuse by Robert Kaufman) and the binding, and I'll be ready to quilt it!


I'm pretty excited about the way I am going to quilt it, but I'm going to keep you in the dark in case it goes bad and I have to default to loops. :)  Loops will still be fabulous, I love loops, but this new way? Pretty cool.

I'm also waiting on one more set of blocks for this little gem for the Faith Circle of the of the do.Good Stitches bee. I think this is my ideal layout - I'm calling it Wonky Zigs. :)  (I'll use the Spot On in Aqua for the back of this)

Wonky Zigs

And I finished my April blocks for Anita in the Faith Circle. Simple, yet stunning.

April Whirlygig blocks ~ Faith do.Good Stitches

I have to say that my circle seems to really embrace the idea that simple CAN BE better when it comes to making quilts. We haven't made any complicated quilts and complicated blocks in a while (8 hours for a Swoon block, anyone???)  And I really, really appreciate that.  We all know that these quilts are going to be an amazing blessing for the girls that receive them (they are donated to Restore Innocence, an organization that partners with the FBI and helps girls rescued from human/sex trafficking).  Those girls don't know an Ohio Star from a Wonky Star from a WhirlyGig. They just know that these quilts represent unconditional love...something most of them have never felt. (I could go on talking about Restore Innocence for days...)

And I am REALLY excited to have these books! C&T Publishing had a sale a week, or so, ago, and I chose these. I wanna drop everything and just eat these books up! Just flipping through One Line at a Time got me all fired up to try some new quilting techniques.


So, that's me! What I'm working on! How about you? Did you link up with Lee of Freshly Pieced?
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I love your bee blocks! I have not participated in any bees, but I am thinking about organizing a local do.good.stiches bee in my guild. Your Mod Mosaic looks epic!

  2. That quilt up top is gorgeous! And that wonky zigs is going to be great as well, very nice!

  3. I love the colors in your Mod Mosaic! This is my first time visiting your blog (I found it through Freshly Pieced) and I just love the hexagons in your blog header!

    1. Thanks, Angela! Thank you and thank you! I absolutely LOVED designing and making the hexagon quilt, and it just makes me so happy to still see it there. It was made and donated to Japan after the tsunami and earthquakes there 2 years ago. I won't ever know what happened to it, or who received it, but I do hope it brings THEM joy as well. :)
      And my mod mosaic quilt! I can't WAIT to get the top finished so I can quilt it and get it done! :) I am ready for this one to be DONE!

  4. Your quilt will be gorgeous!

  5. You projects are so impressive!

    esthersipatchandquilt AT yahoo DOT com
    ipatchandquilt DOT wordpress DOT com

  6. Well I do hope he was doing some work down there ;o)

    I'm a simple bee block fan myself, one 24" square with 144 HSTs a couple of months ago nearly did me in!

  7. I just cant tell you how much that top one makes me want to start one right now!

  8. Love the way you use color. I too went shopping at the CT Publishing clearance. I don't have as much restraint as you...bought 8 books. We picked the same "Mastering...", even though I'm not a long armer. You mention 8 hr on the "Swoon" block. If that is the one I'm thinking of, it happens. You get into the zone, make a mistake or take your time, and time flies. I'm waiting impatiently to get back to a project.


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