Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 18/52

I am sad to report that I haven't spent much time on the long arm this week. :-(. It is just SO FUN!! But I have work I have to do. Things I MUST get done. Things I have been putting off for far too long. And since there is no deadline, I'm trying to be good and do the things that I have to do first. :-)
One thing I had to do was finish this ticker tape block for Angela for our in-guild bee.

I also had one heckuva difficult time with this paper-pieced Quirky Star for Alison in the Bee Happy bee. It looks good now, I am pleased to say, but it took a LOT of seam ripping to get it to this point. If it's possible to get RSI (repetitive strain injury) from seam ripping, then I'm the poster child. I know some people LOVE paper piecing, and I know it has it's advantages, but this one really took it of of me. Knocked me for six, as they say.

And while I have some other things to work on (name tag swap in our guild, flags for Boston, and, of course my March do.Good Stitches quilt), I started this little crazy quilt-as-you-go project with my almost 5 year old. :-). She desperately wants to sew with me but neither of us seems to have the patience to see that through. :-/. So, for now, she designs and I sew. She found a pile of scraps and wanted to make a quilt for her baby, but piecing them was going to drive me to drink! So I figured since it's a doll quilt, it didn't have to abide by any rules. :-).

I cut a piece of a test quilt sandwich I have (muslin + poly batting = cringe), and simply started attaching the scraps side-by-side with a zig zag stitch through all 3 layers. So far, the pieces are coming together fine, and her baby seems pleased. :-). I know she wants to finish it, like, yesterday, but she's a bit of an ogre as a boss, so we take a little longer as a team. :-)

Once it's done, I'll bind it and I know her baby will be warm and cosy.

Here's a picture of her telling her baby a secret. :)

That's all I can remember for now.

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  1. :) Cute! Love that you made a quilt for your daughter's doll.

  2. super love that you are making a quilt together!!!!

  3. Well you know you have to do your homework before you get to play with your toys ;o)

    Loving the miniature slave driver!

  4. I never get tired of ticker tape projects! I have a 2.5 gallon zip lock bag with my smallest scraps for such projects :-) My 3 year old son 'sews' in a similar way--picking fabrics and I sew them together. It's fun to see what he comes up with!

  5. The paper pieced star looks great! Cute dolly quilt too.


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