Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ Week 20!

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I have less to report this week than I was hoping for (and no pictures! How depressing!), but I am very proud to report that my sewing table has been cleared of myriad junk that had taken up residence on it. So now I feel like I have no excuse I can sew like the wind! :)

Here. I'll show you a picture of that:

Oh, and I have so much to DO!!  It's pretty ridiculous, really.

I'm really glad I made my calendar last week, so now I feel like I can focus on what I need to finish first, and then can have some free brain cells to work on what I really want to work on. What a novel concept, eh? :)

Well, I wouldn't call them finished, per se, but I sure got a lot further than I was on the Harrison quilts. All the quilts for the kids are bound, and 3 of the 4 have the hand quilting completed.  Now I just need to tie up the loose threads, hand quilt that 4th, and get a binding on the quilt for the mother. It will feel so good to get those done! I know this. I know this.

I tried to work on some bee blocks on Saturday at our guild sew. I promise I tried!! Audrey even tried to help me, but the tutorial I was using wasn't very clear, and so I didn't bring enough fabric. Boo, hiss.

  1. The Harrison Quilts -- still here in this list, but I'm closer! Go me!
  2. Christmas Cards -- Oh, I crack myself up. I sent out 2 today. Progress? Meh. 
  3. Bee Blocks -- I have the fabric in my hands, now, to make 2 blocks for Janice. I also need to work on that one from above that didn't start off so well... :-(
  4. A Happy Quilt -- kinda secretive, but I've pulled fabrics and started cutting to make a happy quilt for someone. :) See the picture above? I found some cool, meaningful, inspirational fabric last week, and now I'm ready to go! (Oh, but I left out the meaningful fabric.)
On the Back Burner
  1. Mod Mosaic Blocks -- I have at least 3 that must be done for other people, and 24 that have to be done for me. (Stalled) 
  2. Puppet Theater Backdrop -- I moved the fabric a little. Does that count? :) 
  3. MQG Showcase Quilt --  I'm waiting till I get some other must-do projects finished before I start on this. It's all designed, though! 
  4. Secret Projects -- I made a list on my laptop of these gazillion secret projects... 
  5. Kelly's Baby Gifts -- I have a pattern! I have some fabric! I should be cutting it up!! Seriously, though. I'm a bit scared of following a pattern. I kinda believe that most pattern writers either (a) don't have a clue how poorly written the pattern is copy editors or proof-readers because they are TOO confusing and redundant and waste fabric like crazy, or (b) they do it that way on purpose so you have to buy the pattern. This, and flannel blankets. :) She knows that. (Hi, Kelly!)
  6. Maternity Skirts -- too cold to wear skirts!
  7. Quilt-alongs -- 
    1. I'm still on the fence about the Swoon one. I've changed my mind on the quilt I'm going to make for my uncle, and I'm MUCH more excited about this design!(see #11 below) It's not necessarily easier? But maybe? Anyways, I was inspired by THIS ridackulously gorgeous quilt by Jennifer.
    2. I'm still planning on doing Amy's Block of the Month at Craftsy, I just can't commit to any fabric, yet! Not inspired...YET! :)
  8. My Baby's Quilt -- no change. I've got the fabric, and the plan, but there are other things ahead of it.
  9. T-shirt quilts -- no change. Joann's has interfacing on sale this week, so I'll get some of that, and I need to wash and prep the shirts, but there's no urgency on this one, so it languishes.
  10. Sprout's Goodnight Moon Quilt -- I hope to finish it for her birthday in May.
  11. Uncle Phil's Quilt -- here's the fabric I get to use (so excited!)

And in other news, if you're still with me. I L<3VE Vistaprint products. Today's LivingSocial deal is for $50 worth of their products for $10. I love it when they do that!!!  Click HERE for the link if you want to get the deal.
That's all for now! Have a great week - good luck getting your WiPs into your DuNs pile. :)


  1. Wow, that's quite a list! I also had less to report than I hoped this week, so I feel ya! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

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    1. (FYI - responding to my WiP Wednesday post...)
      I'm testing this new feature on Blogger that Katy B told me about. Did you get an email with this response?
      I'm just curious how the conversation goes from here. :)

    2. nope...what about you? did you get an email?

  3. I was happy to help! I had that bag of scraps that you could have dug through, too, to finish up! I do love the quilt you are planning for your Uncle, and it is on my never-ending list of quilts to make in the future. Just think of all that you can get done at the retreat, too!

  4. I've had my eye on that cutter in your pic for a while, you'll have to let me know how it works!!

  5. It's amazing how a good clean up can free you up creatively, so of course we'll be expecting to see half that In Progress list finished by next week ;o) As for the Christmas cards, may I suggest you move on to happy easter cards and be done with it? :oD

    1. Happy Easter cards. there's a thought! But what should I do with the cards I had made with our pictures that say something about Merry Christmas from our family of 4? I can't very well re-use them next year since we'll be a family of 5! :)
      Maybe I'll just scratch out Christmas and write Easter...
      And I AM making progress! I just can't show anyone and it's KILLING me!


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