Monday, May 30, 2011

Where 24 + 48 = 4 (Quilter's Math)

I just finished my second month as a stitcher in the {Faith} Circle of the do.Good Stitches bee. In April, we made the rainbow blocks (you can read about mine here), and Rachel (of Stitched in Color) has joined them into an INCREDIBLE (and huge!) quilt top. Don't you want one just like it? I know I do!

Anyway, for May, Kelsey asked us to make blocks for a little family in her church. The parents have been very active in the church, and they recently welcomed a set of twin boys into their family. They are preparing to move away, and Kelsey wanted to send them off with a set of matching quilts for the boys. She asked us to make 4 string blocks -- 2 using orange, gray, aqua and white fabrics, and 2 using yellow, gray, aqua and white (love!).  She also asked us to add some textured fabrics, not just quilting cotton. 

I had some orange minkee and orange jumbo ric rac, so I just bought some teensy little aqua pom-poms, and some aqua corduroy. And then I set about making a huge old mess while I tried to make some order out of the chaos! 24 different fabrics +48 seams = 4 blocks. (See? Quilter's Math.)

(I do not like making string blocks! They totally mess with my desire to create order!) (I always love the outcome, the product, not the process!)  :o)

I'm not sure how she's going to quilt over the pompoms, though! :)

Now that the mess on my sewing table is cleaned up, I'm excited to see her finished quilt! :)

And for June? We're making "Lollipop trees" for a little girl being born in August. I'm a little scared, but somehow I know I'll do it. :)

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  1. Don't be scared for June, I'll hold your hand. If you need any clarifications, just email me!

    I really love how creative you were with the textures! The ric rac is so cute and smart to do!


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