Thursday, May 19, 2011

{WiP} Wednesday

I wonder if I'll ever post on days other than Wednesday again? :o)

WIP Wednesday at Fresly Pieced

  1. do. Good Stitches Rainbow pouch. It was my first zippered pouch, and there were some technical difficulties, but I think it looks fine. I know I'll be making more, but I won't be making piles and piles of these this weekend! :) Faith Circle, Rainbow Quilt Pouch
  2. Email Bee Happy Bees. It's not really a craft to-do, but it is related to crafting! And it was something I had been needing to do for a while. :) So I'm gonna count it as a victory. :o)
In Progress

  1. Kelly's Bee Happy Blocks. I have (mostly) finished one block. She asked for one door and one window block. I just have to finish the trim on the door, then I can start on the window. (I'll share pictures when I'm done with both.)
  2. Alabama Quilt. I bought the fabric and have cut all the colored strips, and am about 1/90th of the way done with the Snow strips. I'm really really excited about it, though! I love the fabrics that I never would have chosen otherwise. :) I need to get the lead out, though, and get this one done. The bottom fabric, the stripes on the left, there?  That was the inspiration for the rest of the fabrics. Again, not my normal color scheme, but I really like it. Since I have no idea who I'm donating to, I wanted it to be gender neutral.
Not Yet Started
  1. do.Good Stitches {Faith Circle} Blocks. I'll start them Thursday night or Friday. I hope. I've got my textured fabric (she asked for string blocks with some texture), and just need to get started.
  2. March/April/May Birdie Stitches Blocks. Yup. No progress. I've still got to embroider March's and then make (and embroider) the April and May blocks. Heck, I might as well just add June to this list since it'll be June before I really get to it! :)
  3. Camera Strap. Sorry, Jamie! I hope to get it done, though, by mid-June since Dave will be seeing his family then and can hand deliver it.
  4. Jen's purse. Again with the "no progress". I want to work on it, but it'll just have to wait till I get struck with inspiration. Jen would appreciate me waiting till the fabric "speaks" to me. She gets it. :o)
  5. Bottled Rainbows Quilt-along. I've made more scraps...does that count?
  1. Decorate the Living Room. I've been waiting to do this, and now I'm doing it! I've (obviously) got to hang the pictures, and get plants and lamps in here, but I like it a lot more than I thought I would. :o) I have, unfortunately, spent a lot of good crafting time shopping! (Yes, I do offer my baby her snack in a cake pan. It's less likely to end up inside my vacuum that way.)
  2. Celebrate First and Third Birthdays!. My girls both have birthdays this month, so we've been celebrating with cupcakes and brownies and chocolate chip pancakes. We've been planning a (Dora) birthday party and cleaning (or not) in preparation for said Dora party. Birthdays take a lot of time away from crafting! :o)
  1. Mug Rugs for Japan. I couldn't make any of these. My guild was asked to make mug rugs to sell at an art event and donate the money to Japanese Red Cross. I don't know how many others made mug rugs, but I didn't get it done. I've got loads of good excuses, but the truth is, I didn't get any made.


  1. You were able to accomplish a lot! I love the pouch you made, too. I completely forgot about adding my Alabama quilt to the list of things to do, and I didn't make any mug rugs for Japan either. Were you up late feeding last night? I saw the time you posted and it took me back to this time last year when I was having to get up at night still to nurse; I am so glad that the late night feedings are pretty much over with!


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