Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{WiP} Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Fresly Pieced

That's my to-sew list. That I can remember, at least!

Let's review:
  1.  RK Kona Solids Challenge - I decided to buy green background. I can't remember what it is, but I didn't want to use white, and I wanted it to be bright and happy, so I went with green. I think it's Kona Celery. (It's not on that list, but it totally should be!)
  2. Mug Rugs for Japan - the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild has decided to try to sell mug rugs at the Monument Art Hop (Monument is a small town here, and the Art Hop is a summer series, and different shops host local artists). We are going to donate any money to the Japanese Red Cross. The Art Hop is May 19th, so I need to get busy!
  3. Kelly's Bee Happy blocks - Kelly took on the first month in Round 2 of the Bee Happy virtual quilting bee. She gave us solids and some of Dena Designs fabrics and asked us to make one window block and one door block. I don't know what I'm going to do, quite yet, but I need to start drafting my ideas. I'm administrating this round, and it's not cool for the administrator to be late! Especially the first month! Hah!
  4. May "Faith" do.Good Stitches blocks - For May, Kelsey asked us to make string blocks for two quilts she is making for a couple of boys in her church. 
  5. Sew the April and May Birdie Stitches blocks, and then, of course, embroider them! I'm falling further and further behind!
  6. Alabama Quilt - Craft Hope has designated Project 13 to be security blankets for tornado survivors (of Alabaman). Since I spent some of the best years of my 20s in that lovely state, I can't very well make a quilt for Japan, and NOT make one for Alabama! I think I've got a line on some 108" wide fabric (not muslin, I'm going to see how the two are different), and I am either going to do something similar to my Japan design (with the hexies appliqued to the top), or I'm going to do something SIMPLE, but different. I think the deadline is June 15th, so I gotta get my boottackal region in gear! They are accepting ALL blankets, though, so if you know how to make a blanket (of any kind), head on over there and sign yourself up. Fleece, flannel, crocheted, knit, quilted, whatever. Blankets. To people whose entirely livelihood has literally been wiped off the map.
  7. Pouch for April do.Good.Stitches recipient. I asked Rachel if I could send anything extra with the quilt for the lady who we made the rainbow blocks for, and she said sure! So I'm going to jump on the pouch bandwagon and make her a rainbow pouch. And include a little something inside, too. :o)
  8. Camera Strap for a friend - oh my goodness. At Christmas, a friend made a comment on my camera strap, and I told her I'd make her one. It's now May. I suck.
  9. Quilted bag for my step-mom - Jen said she wanted to have something that I made, and she loves purses, so I'm going to make her a purse. After I make Jamie's camera strap. 
  10. Embroider March's Birdie Stitches block - sigh.
  11. Bottled Rainbows quilt - holy cow. I love the Bottle Rainbows quilts that everyone seems to be finishing, and I haven't even started, but this is at the bottom of my list for a's NOT a priority!
And here are my finishes go from the last week or two:
  1. I finished Audrey's mug rug (and didn't take any pictures, but I'll add them if I can!).  She and I both went to Auburn University (in Alabama) (War Eagle!), so I made her a mug rug with the AU logo on it. Audrey is also kinda notorious for loving scraps, so made the AU and the stripe down the side out of scraps. I've never used a satin stitch for applique, and I wasn't really pleased with how it shifted on the fabric, but I had a few near-catastrophic mug rug events the day I was finishing it, and I just couldn't bring myself to cut out the AU and piece it in. I was lucky to get out the door with my inside clothes on the inside that day!
  2. I finished Janice's Wonky Log Cabin house blocks for Round 1 of the Bee Happy VQG. She sent all the fabric we needed, but designated some special fabric she really wanted us to use. She said she wanted them super-scrappy (which is super-hard for me!), and that was pretty much it! Here are my two blocks together, and you can just click on the picture and go to my photostream to see them individually.

Janice's Bee Happy blocks ~ Wonky Houses

I believe that is all I've got to share? There's a whole heckuva lot more on the to-sew list than on the done-sewed list. But maybe that will change this week.

I hope you all are having a great, and crafty, week!


  1. Wow! Super-Quilter!


  2. wow, i love those houses! so cute!!! :)

  3. My mug rug is perfect! I really do love it so much, and we have to get a picture eventually.:) You are going to be super busy! I am afraid of making a list like this, but I think I need to. At least I would have the satisfaction of crossing things off the list as I complete them, and I know I am going to run out of time if I don't get started on them soon-like my Alabama quilt and the RKH solids challenge quilt.

  4. Your blocks are amazing! Really M, they are just amazing! I love the fishes!

  5. Goodness you're a busy lady. Kuddos for having a formal list. I keep my "to-do" sewing list in my head and then I always forget what I need to make and for whom.

  6. It never ends does it? I should have listed all my WIPs too, but then I'd realize really how far behind I am! ;) lol!

  7. Um, uh, there breathing time written in there somewhere? I hope so!

  8. Wow! That's quite a to do list. You're so brave. I am afraid if I wrote my to do list down it would never end. Good luck and I love the wonky log cabin blocks. They're so bright and cheery.

  9. Oh my goodness, you are a busy lady!

  10. I'm totally Laughing at #8!!!!!!!


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