Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday 4/52

Wednesday to Wednesday goes fast!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

(I linked up with Lee at Freshly Pieced again. There are some really great things being created all over, and linked up there.)

I had some success this week with a (sshhh!) new project. 

I decided on Thursday, or was it Friday, to take out a serger that had been given to me, and see if I could figure out how to make it work. Keep in mind that I'd never even plugged it in! I had it serviced, so I knew it worked...I just didn't know HOW! :o)  But I was determined.  And I had my friends on Facebook to help me. 

Friday I learned that even though it was serviced, and worked in the shop, it didn't work at home. It's a 5-thread serger, and when I took it back to the shop on Saturday, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with the 5th thread over there - the chain-looper. One theory is that the thread is just, plain, old. Another is that there is a problem with that looper. I decided I didn't need to chain loop anything, so I bought 4 cones of new thread, and tested it out there in the shop, and was PLEASED!! With myself. With them. With the serger. With my new list of possibilities (like I need more projects??)...pleased.

I took it home, cut out some fabric for a possible baby gift idea I can (a) whip out like butter, and (b) save a ton of money on, and proceeded to serge my way to glory. 

Oh, that serger was a-rockin'!  And started knockin'. :-(  At precisely 3:50, and the repair shop closes at 4:00. On the other side of town. :-(  And it stopped working altogether. My serger went belly up, and took my motivation with it! Saturday at 4:00pm. 

And I haven't seen my motivation since.  I took my serger in Monday morning to see if they can get the timing back to sync, and I'm sure hoping they can! I want it back! It's only been sitting in my closet collecting dust for over a year, but I'm desperate to have it back rightnow!!

Still Cooking
  1. The Harrison Quilts ~ some progress, though not finished.
  2. Christmas Cards ~ no progress.
  3. Bee Blocks ~ I've only got, like 10 to make...hah!  Here's one, though, for Janice in the Bee Happy Bee. She asked for one block with triangles of any sort (just not wonky), and one with circles. I haven't started that one yet since I haven't seen my mojo in a while.
    Friendship Star for Janice ~Bee Happy January 2012
  4. Unnamed Quilt ~ I actually have a name for it (Seaglass), and have finished the top, and even know what I'm going to do for the back, but I can't share any of it with you. It's stalled because while I am excited about the back, I am also intimidated. I shouldn't be. I know this. But I am. :o)  I'm silly. 
  5. Baby Gifts ~ stalled, although I am making preparational progress. I just can't make actual progress until I find out the fate of my serger.  I actually know of 11 other people that are pregnant right now. Oh, dang! 12! My neighbor! Shoot. I have GOT to get on the ball with this!!
  6. Juice ~ He's growing nicely. I had an ultrasound yesterday, and he is measuring right on track, maybe even a little big (gasp!). And his current estimated weight is a hefty 3.4 pounds. But if you think that from this point the baby gains about 1/2 pound a week, and I've got 9-10 weeks left, that puts him between 7.5 and 8 pounds! Yipes! I won't know what to do with a baby that big! Both my girls weighed 6 1/2 pounds at birth. :o)
On The Back Burner
  1. Fruit Strip Quilt ~ stalled.
  2. Mod Mosaic Blocks ~ stalled.
  3. Puppet Theater Backdrop ~ stalled. The girls think it's superfab without it, so why bother?
  4. MQG Showcase Quilt ~ stalled, but there needs to be!! I need to move this one up!
  5. Secret Projects ~ stalled, sigh, 8 still to go.
  6. Maternity Skirts ~ heck, at this rate, I might as well just leave them alone and wear them after I have the baby!
  7. Quilt-alongs ~ stalled.
  8. Juice's Quilt ~ stalled.
  9. T-Shirt Quilts ~ stalled. Since I'm doing this with/for other people, I'm waiting on them to make it urgent.
  10. Sprout's Goodnight Moon Quilt ~ stalled, her birthday is in May, so maybe I'll finish it then.

So, yeah. I need to find that dadgum pile of motivation and get. to. work!!! I need to get some finishes under my belt!!

I hope you have a great week, and get more done than I am! :o)


  1. Good luck with your serger.
    Pretty colours in the bee block.

  2. Ah, that sucks if the machine doesn't want as you do, no? I'm still debating with myself if I need a serger or not, but seeing that you are now desperate to have it back, maybe I should give it another thought...

  3. Hope the serger and mojo come back soon! I was a bouncing 8 pounder and my mum is a petite 5', so no-one could quite work out where she'd put me. I, on the other hand, am anything but petite! I did read in the paper this morning about a woman in Iowa that gave birth to a 13lb 13 oz boy with no epidural o.O I don't know much about babies, but that's like a toddler, right?!

  4. I have no sewing motivation!!! Can we blame it on the babies, at this point?

  5. I hope you get your serger fixed! I keep contemplating whether I want one or not, but I know it would make clothes come together so much easier! I was determined to be busy every night this week, but then I came down with some kind of upper respiratory cold and my husband has been out of town until last night, so nothing was accomplished because I was just too tired.


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