Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday - 5/52

Not the greatest week in the "Done" department, but not as bad as the past few, at least! :)


  1. Bee Happy Blocks - January - Janice sent pieces of Hope Valley and asked us to make one block with (non-wonky) triangles, and one block with a circle of Hope Valley set into a white circle. Here's what I made. The triangles are loosely based on something I saw called a Friendship Block, and the circle is loosely based on Denyse Schmidt's Pie In The Sky quilt block:

  2. Swaddling Blankets - I got a small stack of swaddling/receiving blankets finished for Kelly once I got my serger back (hooray!), but there is a steep learning curve with that thing! It's a totally different kind of animal than a regular sewing machine! Sheesh! So, there were some hiccups, and some re-doing, and, well, they're done. Kelly also had her baby on time, so I'm way behind now. I was totally counting on that boy being a week late like her other kids. :)

    Interestingly, I found that if I did a regular 4-thread chain stitch (below, on the left), the edge laid flat, but I didn't really like it. It wasn't decorative enough. So I did a 3-thread rolled hem (below on the right), with a contrasting thread, and I like it much better. 

  3. But look, the edge is wavy. Hmph. So much to learn. :-)
Still Cooking
  1. The Harrison Quilts ~ some progress, though not finished.
  2. Christmas Cards ~ no progress.
  3. Bee Blocks ~ 2 down, 8 to go! :) Heck, probably 9 or 10 by now, I've lost track.
  4. Seaglass Quilt ~ I'm still stuck on the back. It'll happen, I know it will. 
  5. Baby Gifts ~ making progress! Some gifts done, and I remembered another friend who is pregnant, so for about 2 days, I had 13 friends who are pregnant. Then Kelly had her adorable little Tucker Man, and I'm back to 12. :)
  6. Juice ~ progressing nicely, I guess. No status change...which is a really really good thing at 30 weeks!
  7. Mod Mosaic Quilt ~ As a member of the Flickr Mod Mosaic bee, I got to be first, and I went with monochromatic blocks so I can make a (say it with me) spectrum quilt. Take a gander at this bad boy, and try to curb your jealousy:
    Mod Mosaic Bee Blocks Received as of Feb 2

On The Back Burner
  1. Fruit Strip Quilt ~ stalled.
  2. Mod Mosaic Blocks ~ stalled.
  3. Puppet Theater Backdrop ~ stalled. The girls think it's superfab without it, so why bother?
  4. MQG Showcase Quilt ~ stalled, but there needs to be!! I need to move this one up!
  5. Secret Projects ~ stalled, sigh, 8 still to go.
  6. Maternity Skirts ~ heck, at this rate, I might as well just leave them alone and wear them after I have the baby!
  7. Quilt-alongs ~ stalled.
  8. Juice's Quilt ~ stalled.
  9. T-Shirt Quilts ~ stalled. Since I'm doing this with/for other people, I'm waiting on them to make it urgent.
  10. Sprout's Goodnight Moon Quilt ~ stalled, her birthday is in May, so maybe I'll finish it then.

Lots and lots to do this week! Hopefully I'll get more done. I'd really love to be able to show the Seaglass quilt at my MQG meeting on Saturday.

I hope you have a great, and productive, week!

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for her regular WiP Wednesday feature. Check out what other people have accomplished this week!

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  1. I don't think that it looks bad with the wavy edge, quite the contrary. Your bee blocks look great, especially the circle one.

  2. Well geez, fancy your friend having her baby on time, cheek of her! ;o) Glad your now functioning serger is helping churn out those baby gifts though, sure you can get them done on time now!

  3. Love your bee blocks! The blankets look nice, too, and the wavy edge doesn't bother me. I hope you have your seaglass quilt ready to share on Saturday; I want to see it!

  4. I actually like that wavy edge. When sergers first hit the home market, we used to call it a "lettuce edge" and tried to get our stuff to do that. Tell them you meant to do it that way, and leave them wondering. Your bee blocks are cute--how fun to be in a Bee!

    Elizabeth E.

  5. The blocks are great! Love the circle!
    The spectrum quilt will be really cool :)

  6. love the mod mosaic - gorgeous colours

  7. Oh definitely some jealousy on the Spectrum Quilt! If it looks this great now, it'll be amazing when it's finished!

  8. I'm loving the Spectrum quilt!

  9. The mosaic quilt looks amazing so far!

  10. I clicked on your WIP Wednesday link BECAUSE of the spectrum blocks - they're fabulous, and a really great idea for a bee block because I find those dang things take a really long time.

    To stop your rolled hem from being wavy, you need to adjust your serger's differential feed. I like the "lettuce edge" myself, but perhaps not so much for a swaddling blanket.


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