Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 6/52


This hasn't been the greatest week for me - emotionally, physically, creatively...so I don't have much to show for my very limited efforts. I wish I did, but I think the about the only WiP I made any progress on is Juice. He's growing and healthy and active and that's all good, it's just that pretty much every other element in my life has taken a hit this week.

That's not entirely true. We celebrated our first birthday as the Front Range MQG on Saturday, so there was a lot that went into the preparations for the wonderful meeting, and then it's a whole day (we have a meeting in the morning, then a sew in the afternoon), and I think I just over did it. Last week was a busy week anyways, then the meet-and-sew on Saturday, and then Sunday I was tired, and Monday I was tired (and my fibroid was overactive) and Tuesday I was tired (and my fibroid was active), and all of that just doesn't make for much time to sew!!

I can show you this, though. Oh, wait. I was going to show you pictures of the swaddling blankets and burp cloths I made for Kelly, but I just realized that I sent them without taking any pictures! I'm a dork! I was so focused on keeping them a secret that I am keeping them a total secret! Doh!

Eh, you've all seen flannel swaddling blankets and burp cloths. I was just kind of excited to be able to show you a FINISH!!!  :o)  Thank you, by the way, to all of you that said the "lettuce edge" (i.e., wavy edge) to the blankets was attractive and not an unhappy accident. I appreciate it!

One thing (not sewing related, though), that I did accomplish this week was making Valentine's for my oldest daughter's preschool class. They were very specific that we couldn't bring anything edible since some kids have allergies, so I went with the oh-so-popular-on-Pinterest heart-shaped crayon idea. (I used the tutorial from Chef Messy, but there are tons out there.)

Here's a picture of the girls watching the crayons melt. They, of course, did not stick around for the entire process.

Heart Crayons ~ Melting

Here are the crayons after they came out of the oven:

Heart Crayon ~ Melted

Here is Mookie writing each one. All. By. Herself. Holy shemozzle, my blood pressure was sky-high during this! I know how to clean Sharpie off, that's not what was stressful, it was the whole process of her writing...the...capital...T...then...writing...the...lowercase...o...
Oy! Girlfriend was proud of herself, though, and that's more important, I know. :)

Mookie and the Sharpie (=Mama's high BP)

And here's a picture of Miss Proud-of-Herself with a finished Valentine:
Heart Crayon ~ finished

 So, yeah. There's a finish for the week! And, believe you me, it took nearly all week!!

Here's what's on the menu for this week, though:

Still Cooking
  1. The Harrison Quilts ~ even more progress, though not finished.
  2. Christmas Cards ~ no progress. I think I might just put these away and call it a failure.
  3. Bee Blocks ~  Back to 9. Being in 4 bees kinda stinks right about now. :)
  4. Seaglass Quilt ~ I'm making some VERY slow progress on the back. I keep wanting to work on it, but bedtime keeps happening. Or dinner needs to be made. It'll happen, I know it will.   I was very disappointed to not be able to show it on Saturday at our meeting since I fully expect to be finished with it and it be gone by the next meeting, but that's what Flickr is for, right? :)

    Here. Here's a picture of a print out of a picture of the back that I need to work on:
    (it's purposely a crappy photo because I want to keep it a secret) :o)

  5. Baby Gifts ~ making progress! Some gifts done (Kelly received her receiving blankets last week! Yay!). I was down to 12 friends pregnant, but then another friend made known how fruitful her uterus is, so we're back to 13. It is IN the water, folks. 
  6. Juice ~ daily progress. I'm getting larger and more uncomfortable every day. I'm not very excited about the fact that he's taking my breath away, and he's not even born yet!
  7. Mod Mosaic Quilt ~ I haven't done anything on it this week, but the FRMQG retreat is coming up, and I plan to Mod Mosaic my way through that weekend.
On The Back Burner
  1. Fruit Strip Quilt ~ stalled.
  2. Mod Mosaic Blocks ~ stalled.
  3. Puppet Theater Backdrop ~ stalled. The girls think it's superfab without it, so why bother?
  4. MQG Showcase Quilt ~ stalled...and I'm not actually sure it's going to go anywhere. Which is a real disappointment because I really wanted to do it and submit it for the MQG showcase, but I just don't know how realistic it is to finish it by March 2nd without completely abandoning all my other responsibilities and commitments.
  5. Secret Projects ~ stalled, sigh, 8 still to go.
  6. Maternity Skirts ~ I'm taking these off. There's no point in even thinking about making them.
  7. Quilt-alongs ~ stalled, but I had a great conversation with some of the gals coming to the FRMQG retreat, and we're going to have our own little Shhhhwoon-Along at the retreat. Yay!
  8. Juice's Quilt ~ stalled.
  9. T-Shirt Quilts ~ stalled. Since I'm doing this with/for other people, I'm waiting on them to make it urgent.
  10. Sprout's Goodnight Moon Quilt ~ stalled, her birthday is in May, so maybe I'll finish it then.

I've also kinda tried to stay away from the computer this last week, trying to spend my upright-and-on-a-machine time to the sewing machine, so if you left me a comment last week, I apologize for not responding! I totally meant to! :-(  I love that you commented! Rilly, I do!

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for her regular WiP Wednesday feature. Check out what other people have accomplished this week!

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  1. I think it's amazing that with everything on your plate, you still manage to make gifts for other people! And your daughter is just adorable all concentrated on her writing with her tongue sticking out...

  2. Sorry it wasn't as productive a week as you hoped, but glad you had fun on Saturday, and those valentines are cute!

  3. I was so hoping we could make it on Saturday, but we didn't want to risk any bad weather! I even had swap blocks to hand out. :) Am still woefully behind though. I haven't gotten any farther on my modern plus quilt than what I did last meeting. :)

    Cheers to baby growing though! Mine has been much more active and kicky. My stomach muscles are already complaining.

  4. Don't we all have weeks like that? I have had quite a few, and I realized that people will just pick up and join me when I started writing/blogging again, so don't worry! Take whatever time away you need and we'll read you when you arrive back on the scene. If we're not feeling well, us Moms, there's no one to give us a break but ourselves.

    The Valentine story of your daughter writing them all is so sweet and you can see she's just thrilled about all that she did. Congrats!

    Elizabeth E.

  5. Hopefully the rest of this week will be better. Honestly, you're doing great! I can't believe your girl is writing so well. That is amazing!

  6. How fun to celebrate a YEAR with your modern quilting guild!!!

    Hope you got lots of rest!! Your body probably needed it!! : )

  7. you are amazing! seriously! give yourself a whole lot of credit for what you are doing, trust me...you are getting more done than anyone I know!


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