Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 17/52

Sewing. Sleeping. Feeding. Cleaning. Repeating.

The reality is more like this: lots of feeding, a little cleaning, not much sleeping, and very little sewing.

It's good. Rocket Man is good. Feeding good. Sleeping good (for a newborn!) Growing good.

And the other things up there? I'm not stressing about them. God is good to give me enough energy to make it through each day. No one is coming to my house with a warrant, threatening to arrest me for having a filthy house (it's not even that bad). And no one is threatening to arrest me for being late with my bee blocks. :o)

I did get my Mod Mosaic blocks done this week (those always seem to take me SO long! Why??)

Kiwi Green Mod Mosaic Block

Jeannette (GoneAussieQuilting) asked us to make monochromatic blocks, similar to mine, but she's going to sash them with Kona solids (a la Bottled Rainbows), and asked us to make blocks to correspond with the solids she had. I made one for Kiwi and one for Candy Pink. That quilt is going to be SO SUPER COOL!! I seriously can't wait to see it...and seriously might just copy her and sash my monochromatic blocks in the corresponding solid.

Candy Pink Mod Mosaic Block

And...I don't think I sewed much of anything else this week. :-/  Lots of feeding, a little sleeping...that's about it. :o)

So, I've still got my heart block to finish sewing the white on for Rosanna, my bookshelf block for Natalie, my Gee's Bend block for Nicole (all of the Bee Happy Bee). And I've got to make a house block for Audrey for our guild bee. I've also got 2 new Mod Mosaic blocks to make and 2 red and white stars to make for the {Faith} circle of the do.Good Stitches bee.

And a baby quilt to make. Sometime. I'm really excited to finish this one, though. I know I'm gonna love it -- and the mama will, too! But I just have to catch up on my bee blocks. I feel obligated somehow!

And I also want to/need to write a blog post about some incredible gifts that Rocket Man has received. But where does the time go??

Where does it go? (sigh) I hope you're having a great week!


  1. Time's flying because you're having fun. Honest... ;o)

  2. I really love the idea for the blocks! I have tons of scraps so a rainbow theme would be genius!

  3. Love your blocks! Great colors and fabrics :)

  4. Hello,

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