Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 21/52

Happy Wednesday!

Hopefully you've had a great week - in your crafts and everywhere.

Mookie, my oldest, has just wrapped up her first year of preschool, and as much as I love her school and her teachers, I'm glad we are on summer vacation now. Whew!

Last Day of 3 y.o. preschool
(This isn't the best photo I took that day, but it's my favorite. I don't want to forget the sound of her laughter.)

As an added bonus, Dave is home for a little bit, too! Life just seems more leisurely right now, and that's just a good feeling. :o)

Another good feeling?

FINISHES!!! Woot woot! :-)

My mod mosaic block for Yolanda.
Healing Block ~ For Yolanda

That's 18 1/2" of mod mosaic goodness right there, folks. Big, yes, but also a treat since I could fit a bunch of special fabrics in there. (if you click the picture, you'll go to Flickr, and can see the notes on the block.)

My Ohio Star blocks for May for the {Faith} Circle of the do.Good Stitches bee.

Ohio Star blocks for May's {Faith} do.Good Stitches bee.

Kelsey asked for simple, red and white stars to make a quilt for an elderly couple at church, using this tutorial. I really love the crisp look of red and white together. I asked Kelsey if she needed extras because these were so easy to make! They are instant coffee compared to the slow-brew of the mod mosaic block! And I am a slow sewer. :o). Swoon, these are not!

Alas, she only wanted 2, but I can definitely envision myself making a star quilt in the (distant) future. :-)

Alisha's mod mosaic blocks.

Mod Mosaic Bee ~ May for Alisha

These are only 12 1/2" square, but are still time consuming! Alisha wanted red and aqua blocks, and I've still got plenty of that to spare! :o) While I was working on hers, I had planned to make some headway in to a red one and an aqua one for my mod mosaic quilt, but, alas, I got tired of the tiles and grout. Go figure. :o)  I calculated, and since the end of February, I have made 12 mod mosaic blocks...and not a one of them for me! Maybe in June...

And here's a picture of my little flirt:

Sweet {Faith} Friends ~ From Jennifer

(7 weeks old now...I can't believe it!)
Look at that smile - no wonder I'm not getting much done! :o)

I just realized that I left out my Pea-pie! My sweet pea, my little sproutling. She turned 2 a few weeks ago, and MAN, is she 2!! Wow.

Enoying a little pancake with her chocolate.

(enjoying a little pancake with her chocolate chips) :)

And, back to my list:
  1. Natalie's bookshelf block.
  2. Audrey's house block.
  3. Nicole's Gee's Bend block.
  4. Leona's mod mosaic blocks.
  5. Grocery bag for FRMQG swap.
  6. Alison's word blocks.
  7. Rocket Man's car seat cover.
  8. Baby receiving blankets for my friends.
  9. 2 baby quilts for friends.
  10. 5 quilts for family members. Wait. 6. Maybe 7.
  11. More and more and more.
For now, though, I'm going to concentrate on getting 1-5 done in the next 2 weeks.

Gosh, that makes me tired just to think about! I hope you have a wonderful, craft-filled week!

(I'm linking up with Lee of Freshly Pieced for her regular WiP Wednesday blog party)

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  1. Love those Mod blocks and that is a serious list you have yourself there ;-)

  2. Loving the mod mosaic block! It looks so great!

    I really like how striking the Ohio Star block looks in red and white. It'll make a great quilt!

  3. Aw, your children are beautiful and I agree, there is nothing better than the sound of your own children's laughter!
    I love the red and aqua mod mosaic blocks- so so pretty.

  4. Beautiful children! Love the mosaic blocks

  5. I would have chosen that picture of your daughter too. Those are the special shots.

    I really like the banner on your blog what an adorable quilt that must be.

    BTW you could make a mod mosaic block for me. Very, very nice.

  6. Stopped in from Freshly Pieced for a visit! Love your Modern Mosaic Blocks! And the kids are definately works in progress, eh?

  7. Love those modern mosaic blocks! I keep meaning to do something similar, but never seem to get to it - LOL!

  8. Super cute kids! I love your mosiac blocks - they're beautiful!

  9. nice job on the finishes!!! love the adorable kids too!

  10. The colors on your mod mosaics are beautiful!

  11. Happy Wednesday to you too! Adorable kiddos and great blocks!

  12. Congrats to you mama for getting anything done right now! What a busy mama you must be (yes, this is coming from the mama of twins... I think it is easier having two at the same ago than having them all spread out). All of your kids are cuties by the way!

    Love your Mod Mosaic blocks, that is definitely a popular block!

  13. Yay for getting blocks done! And loving all the pics of the kiddos :o)


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