Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 18/52

Does it take everyone eons to write a blog post, or is it just me?  That's why I never write them just takes too dang long!

I've got a lot of WiPs this week, and only one real finish. The dang heart that I made way way way too complicated for my own good!

Finished heart ~ for Bee Happy mate, Rosanna

Rosanna (from the Bee Happy bee) (the best bee EVER!) gave us some Asian fabrics and asked us to make a pieced heart, any way we wanted. Well, this didn't actually end up how I really wanted it (I wanted the top to be curved, not straight-edged like it is), but I just didn't have the brain cells, or the time, or the will, really, to figure it out. My primary goal was to have the fabrics radiating out from the side like that, and go from there. Well...that's what I got! :)

And I want to say a BIG Thank You to Katy Cameron for all her paper-piecing counseling. She was busy, and 5000 miles away, but she was always quick to help me through the next challenge. :)

Now I can move on!

For Bee Happy bee blocks, I've got to make Natalie's book shelf block. Just look at what some of my other bees have been doing! Ridiculously fabulous! (These were done by Liberty and Kelly)

Bee Happy blocks from Liberty (top) and Kelly (bottom)

And then I've got to do Nicole's Gee's Bend inspired block. Every single one of these is ah-MAY-zing!! Here's Lori's: Gee's Bend-inspired block for Nicole's Bee Happy month
(I don't know why that one won't play nice and line up with the rest of them. See? THIS is why it takes me so long to write! Silly Blogger!)

And Alison is sending out her fabric this week for us to make a couple of word blocks. I have to come up with one word that represents the Bee Happy bee for me. One. ONE? Impossible!

Then in the FRMQG, I've got to make a little house block for Audrey.  I drew out the house, and was all ready to start paper-piecing it when my oldest found the design, and decided to dig through my scraps and build her own fabric house. Not bad for a 3 year old. :o)

I've got to make 2 red and aqua Mod Mosaic blocks for the...Mod Mosaic bee, and two red and white star blocks for the {Faith} Circle of the do.Good Stitches bee.

Lots and lots of red in my blocks this month! :o)

I've also got to make a pouch for a swap in the {Faith} Circle. I've got my design all planned out, I just need to find a way to sit at the sewing machine. And actually S-E-W!!

And some baby projects to finish for friends. The economy must be picking up the way babies seem to keep happening all around me! :o)

AND...I've got another long blog post to write about the wonderfulness of friends. I've been a mom of 3 for a whole month now, and I'm hoping that my time management will get better real soon.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

(I'm linking up with Lee of Freshly Pieced for her regular WiP Wednesday blog party)

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  1. Lol, I'm not sure the economy picking up helped us decide but I suppose Chris having a job with insurance did, so you may very well be right!! :)

    I need to finish up my bee block for the month and then remember to take myself off the list for next month!

    I love the heart, I can't imagine making my own design for paper piecing yet so kudos to you.

  2. Yay, glad you conquered it! Love all the other blocks, and I think you may be raising a quilter there too...

  3. Those are some awesome blocks!


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