Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{WiP} Wednesday ~ 19/52

Let's see how quickly I can write a blog post. There is so much to write about and SO much to do and God only knows how much time I'll have before Rocket Man wakes up and won't let me get anything else done!

It's been that way lately. Sometimes he'll sleep in the swing near my sewing machine, sometimes he won't. Sometimes he'll sleep in his Moses basket, sometimes he won't. However, he will almost always sleep in my arms, or on my chest. Which is good for him, but bad for my WiP list!

I don't know if I've actually finished anything this week. It's all a blur.

Here's what I'm working on, though.

  1. {Faith} do.Good Stitches Pouch Swap ~ It's a secret swap, and my partner was pretty specific, so if I show you any pictures, I'm afraid it'll give away who I'm making it for. I will say this, though. I am, not surprisingly, going about it in a bass-ackwards kind of way. I got the front pieced, attached the 4 pieces to the zipper, then decided that I probably should have put some interfacing or batting between the layers! Oops! So, I'm now fusing some batting between the layers, then I'll finish it. It needs to go in Saturday's mail, but I need to finish it sooner since I've got TONS of other things to get done!
  2. Gavin's Quilt Blocks ~ A good friend in my Bee Happy bee has been sick, lately, and hasn't been able to sew much. She finally caved and is letting us help her with some WiPs, and one of them is a quilt for her grandson's birthday. We're all making very simple square-with-borders blocks for her, and I've got to make one more set before I send them off. Here's what I've done so far:
    Gavin's Blocks
  3. "Healing Quilt" block ~ This Bee Happy bee is the best on the planet. I'm serious. When we started to get wind of my friend's condition, we decided that she needed a quilt, and started throwing around ideas, and fabric choices, and came up with what has GOT to be the most gorgeous, most refreshing, most loving, purest, healingest quilt ever. I haven't started my block, yet, but hope to start it tonight. We have been emailing pictures to our friend so she can see the quilt in progress. We are using soft blues, grays, and "hot violet". :) It's stunning, and I really mean it when I say that I want to make a quilt in this color combination now! :)  Here's Kelly's block:
    Mod Mosaic Block for Yolanda
  4. {Faith} do.Good Stitches blocks ~ I've still got 2 red and white stars to make, but I've got till the end of the month for that, so I'm taking care of the urgent things first. :o)
  5. Natalie's Bookshelf Block~ on hold while we're working on the other blocks for our bee sister.
  6. Nicole's Gee's Bend Block~ on hold while we're working on the other blocks for our bee sister.
  7. Alison's Word Play block ~ on hold while we're working on the other blocks for our bee sister.
  8. Audrey's House block ~ for the FRMQG bee. I'm in progress, but it doesn't look much like a house! I think I went a little too "improv" with it. I don't know. I'll show it to you next time because I'm too ashamed to share a picture of it as it is! :o)
  9.  Mod Mosaic blocks ~ I've got to make 2 red and aqua blocks for the Mod Mosaic bee, but again, those aren't due till the end of the month, so they're on hold.
  10. Babies, babies and more babies! ~ So many babies to make things for. Whew! I love it that my dear friends are all knocked up, but I just wish I could be invisible for a day (or a week?) and get some STUFF DONE already!!
You know I've got a million other things I want to/need to be doing, but these are the things on my immediate to-do list.

OH, I did finish something this week! :o)  I made cupcake skirts for my two little girlies who are having birthdays this month. For the first, I followed a tutorial for a "fat quarter skirt" that I found on Pinterest, and I'm not going to link to it here because I really hope that no one decides to go to it and try to follow it! Seriously. A) My kids are skeeeeny, and a fat quarter wasn't enough fabric for their skirts; B) the tutorial is poorly written and assumes quite a lot, and just isn't very clear. There was a lot of wingin' it going on, and a lot of words I don't usually say getting said. Here is a picture of one of the skirts...which I am ripping out and redoing like I did the other one.

I hope you are all having a week where you are aware of the many blessings around you.

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  1. Any chance you'd want to swap me some of your blue/red fabric for something of mine at our next meeting? I need those colors for bee blocks and have NONE.

  2. Och is that all you've been up to ;o) Good luck with the ongoing lists!

  3. This a DARLING blog! I LUV your banner quilt and all the fun things on your posts...really pretty/cute stuff =)

    =)new follower =)


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